S01E06 The Maddie Code Summary

Patrick throws Maddie a birthday party with some surprising guests. Max comes to the rescue. Richard makes a shocking discovery.

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Imposters Show Summary

The series follows Maddie, a persona shifting con-artist who is as beautiful as she is dangerous, leaving her unwitting victims tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything - including their hearts. But things get complicated when her former targets, Ezra, Richard and Jules team up to track her down. While pursuing her newest mark, Maddie meets a potential love interest, Patrick, which threatens to derail her assignment, much to the chagrin of her mysterious boss, The Doctor. Meanwhile, her dejected past lovers manage to take control of their new realities, not realizing that in their quest to confront her, they'll have to face their own truths and find new versions of themselves along the way.

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