S09E03 Series 9, Episode 3 Summary

Competing in this round are Foxic, Expulsion, Heavy Metal, MR Speed Squared, Thor, Tauron, Chimera 2 and Concussion.

We begin with two huge group battles. Four teams progress into a mini league going head to head in a bid for points. The top two teams will face each other in the heat final for the chance to secure their place in this series' grand final. The battles are all overseen by our judges Professor Noel Sharkey, Professor Sethu Vijayakumar and Dr Lucy Rogers. During the fights, teams must try to dodge the arena hazards - The Pit, The Spikes, The Flipper and Fire. They also have four deadly House Robots to deal with - Matilda, Dead Metal, Sir Killalot and Shunt. And this series, there is a menacing new twist as the House Robots are going rogue. Hitting the Arena Tyre can now release a House Robot to inflict maximum damage on the competitors anywhere in the arena. Let battle commence!

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Robot Wars Show Summary

Robot Wars is a British game show modelled on a US-based competition of the same name. Teams of amateur and professional roboteers make their own robots to fight against each other in both friendly and tournament matches.