S11E11 U.S Road Trip 2.0 (1) Summary

Jamie, Jack and Freddie rejoin James for a second series of stateside challenges. On a riotous route from LA to New York, the boys will be pushed to the limit with even bigger, bolder and badder battles than before.

With the overall loser due to perform live on stage in New York's number one drag club, competition between the boys is fiercer than ever.

In the first episode, Jamie loses his temper when he's left injured following a hot dog eating competition and the lads tap into their inner Hasselhoff to train with the Californian State Lifeguards. Plus, Jack and Jamie come to blows as they take on James and Freddie at beach volleyball and the lads get 30 seconds to impress the crowd in a monster-trucking challenge.

A League of Their Own Season 11 Episodes...

A League of Their Own Show Summary

The show takes its cue from sporting obsession and sets two teams of comedians, celebrities and sports stars against each other in a test of their sporting knowledge. From record breaking feats to headline grabbing events, the show is stuffed with the kind of sensational take home facts that sports fans just love to quote.

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