A Place To Call Home
Season 3

s03e01 / The Things We Do For Love

27th Sep '15 - 12:30pm
The Things We Do For Love

Sarah chooses to stay with George rather than Ren after the shooting. Regina threatens Sarah's future and George's condition endangers Elizabeth's health. Anna and Gino's honeymoon is clouded by the contents of Swanson's letter and Sarah tells Jack a secret.

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s03e02 / L'chaim, To Life

4th Oct '15 - 12:30pm
L'chaim, To Life

George chooses a new career which suits Regina's plans. Tension at Ash Park increases as Gino's disgust at James' nature becomes obvious. Sarah remembers her shocking past and, after Rene retreats into mental despair, she makes a heartbreaking decision.

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s03e03 / Somewhere Beyond The Sea

11th Oct '15 - 12:30pm
Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Elizabeth's desire to make her life meaningful finds her meeting a charming gentleman. Gino outlines his dream to Anna of becoming a successful wine maker, and a charismatic painter comes to Ash Park and develops a rapport with Olivia. Sarah is in Sydney, on a quest to find a doctor who will terminate her pregnancy, keeps the truth from Aunt Peg.

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s03e04 / Too Old To Dream

18th Oct '15 - 12:30pm
Too Old To Dream

Olivia is shaken by Lloyd's kiss and Anna realises that Gino's dream means a lot of hard work. Sarah crosses path with a young girl at the abortion clinic, who is later brought to her for help. Elizabeth begins work at Douglas' refuge.

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s03e05 / Living In The Shadow

25th Oct '15 - 12:30pm
Living In The Shadow

Douglas' romantic advances cause Elizabeth to withdraw. Carolyn and Regina row over James, and Regina tactically retreats to the Walker Farm. Sarah and Jack have the abortionist arrested and Sarah reunites with Rene.

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s03e06 / In The Heat Of The Night

1st Nov '15 - 12:30pm
In The Heat Of The Night

Sarah fights to save her unborn baby as George discovers of her pregnancy. Olivia continues to fall for Lloyds charm but she is determined to end the affair as her guilt intensifies. After an argument with James, Olivia discovers Baby George missing. In Sydney, Douglas visits Elizabeth and puts his heart on the line, declaring he has feelings for her. Rene's health deteriorates as he puts Sarah's life in danger.

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s03e07 / Sins of the Father

8th Nov '15 - 12:30pm
Sins of the Father

Reeling from the revelation that Sarah is pregnant, George questions his political future. Regina hatches a plan to reinstate herself in George's esteem. Jack continues to warn Carolyn regarding Sir Richard's intentions. Elizabeth helps Sarah make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, James is still hiding away in Sydney, and Olivia is trying to maintain a facade on the eve of Baby George's Christening.

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s03e08 / Till Death Do Us Part

15th Nov '15 - 12:30pm
Till Death Do Us Part

As Rene is prepared for surgery, Ash Park prepares for the Christening of Baby George. With James still in Sydney, Olivia locks herself in her room unable to face the thought of going to church without him. Anna discovers the extent of their financial problems as Gino's dreams die with the vines and the distance between them grows further. Regina is determined to keep George and Sarah apart forever.

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s03e09 / The Mourners' Kadish

22nd Nov '15 - 12:30pm
The Mourners' Kadish

Sarah is supported by the community in her grief. With her family in tatters, Elizabeth refuses Douglas' offer of a deeper friendship. As their romantic dream finally shatters, Anna returns to Ash Park. Regina takes extreme measures to further ensnare George.

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s03e10 / The Love Undeniable

29th Nov '15 - 12:30pm
The Love Undeniable

Regina sets out to destroy any chance of happiness for George and Sarah. Elizabeth takes a remarkable step towards happiness while Anna questions her relationship with Gino. Carolyn finally confides in Jack just as his career is on the line and James and Olivia reaching breaking point.

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