Season 3

s03e01 / Tiny Problems

4th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Tiny Problems

Jack and his students plot revenge while Helen goes back to school to get her high school degree.

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s03e02 / Disgraced

5th Sep '20 - 12:30am

Mr. Pugh plans a field trip. Jack agrees to ghostwrite a book but has a trick up his sleeve.

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s03e03 / Gary Meets Dave

6th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Gary Meets Dave

Jack loses a lot of money. As Principal Durbin investigates, students and teachers admit other sins.

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s03e04 / Get Hoppy!

7th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Get Hoppy!

Durbin tries to help Jack with a morning show appearance, but the principal lets fame get to him.

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s03e05 / Mr. Pistachio

8th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Mr. Pistachio

Jack goes to the doctor and gets the same procedure twice while Durbin and Helen embarrass themselves.

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s03e06 / That That That

9th Sep '20 - 12:30am
That That That

As the school goes on winter break, Jack falls asleep while plotting his next move.

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s03e07 / Aces Wild

10th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Aces Wild

Principal Durbin and Helen sweep lockers while Jack finds out about Anthony's extracurricular activities.

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s03e08 / Katie Holmes Day

11th Sep '20 - 12:30am
Katie Holmes Day

While the town prepares to celebrate Katie Holmes Day, Jack and Marissa plot to ruin the holiday.

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