Adam Ruins Everything
Season 2

s02e01 / Adam Ruins Having a Baby

12th Jul '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Having a Baby

Adam dispels the myth about getting pregnant after 35, delves into breastfeeding vs formula, and explores postpartum depression for women - and men.

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s02e02 / Adam Ruins Weight Loss

19th Jul '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Weight Loss

Host Adam Conover illustrates all the reasons low-fat diets can actually make you fatter, and why counting calories is a waste of time.

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s02e03 / Adam Ruins the Hospital

26th Jul '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins the Hospital

Adam Conover explains that inflated hospital costs have created a system that's unaffordable and unfair. Plus, the reckless prescription of antibiotics is making them worthless, and you might not need a mammogram.

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s02e04 / Adam Ruins Dating

2nd Aug '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Dating

Adam swipes right on knowledge by exposing the flaws in dating sites; the existence of alpha males (and wolves); personality tests.

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s02e05 / Adam Ruins Art

9th Aug '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Art

Adam poses the question of what makes great art and shows why pieces visible to the masses are revered, regardless of artistic merit. He then exposes the masters as copycats and reveals that today's art market is a moneymaking scheme.

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s02e06 / Adam Ruins What We Learned in School

16th Aug '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins What We Learned in School

Adam shows that Columbus didn't discover America, King Tut was a dud and the rules of grammar are not as ironclad as people think.

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s02e07 / Adam Ruins College

23rd Aug '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins College

Adam explains why the odds of becoming a dropout billionaire are not in your favor, how manipulated school rankings have little to do with education quality and why the privatization of student loans created a massive debt crisis.

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s02e08 / Emily Ruins Adam

30th Aug '17 - 2:00am
Emily Ruins Adam

Emily takes over to "ruin" Adam, pointing out where his facts fall short. She debunks the idea that IQ tests measure intelligence and points to information Adam has gotten wrong in the past. Plus, she explains the "backfire effect".

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s02e09 / Adam Ruins His Vacation

20th Sep '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins His Vacation

Adam Conover and his girlfriend take a journey across America, where he reveals that Mount Rushmore was built on stolen Native American land, Vegas slot machines are purposely designed to be addicting, and a whole lot more!.

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s02e10 / Adam Ruins the Suburbs

27th Sep '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins the Suburbs

Adam explains how the idealized lawn is an unnatural monstrosity, and that the design of the suburbs is slowly killing you. Plus, the racist history of suburban planning led to today's institutionalized segregation in schools.

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s02e11 / Adam Ruins the Economy

4th Oct '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins the Economy

Adam explains why lobbying makes filing your taxes so complicated, and why the economic numbers we focus on don't provide the whole story. Plus, American manufacturing can't come back because it was a fluke to begin with.

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s02e12 / Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories

11th Oct '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories

Adam Conover debunks the fake moon landing theory, discusses the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and reveals how to spot a false theory.

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s02e13 / Adam Ruins Spa Day

18th Oct '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Spa Day

Pricey "detoxifying" treatments cleanse you of cash (and may do more harm than good), while MSG's scary reputation is undeserved. Plus, the placebo effect is way more powerful than you think!.

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s02e14 / Adam Ruins Halloween

25th Oct '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Halloween

Adam reveals why you have nothing to fear from strangers with candy and how the "panic" over Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast was the clickbait of the 1930s. And, mediums and séances have a long history - of being fake.

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s02e15 / Adam Ruins Science

1st Nov '17 - 2:00am
Adam Ruins Science

Testing mice means wasted resources because what works on them often fails on humans. Scarce funding stops scientists from seeking cures, and there's no money in reproducing results, even though it's essential in proving findings.

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s02e16 / Adam Ruins the Future

8th Nov '17 - 3:00am
Adam Ruins the Future

Adam explains that unregulated food expiration dates lead to waste and that your 401(k) won't be enough to support your retirement. Plus, Adam's girlfriend Melinda proves that even with research, the future is unpredictable.

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s02e17 / Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth

21st Mar '18 - 2:00am
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth

Adam Conover undermines everything you thought you knew about the American Revolution with startling facts about George Washington, Paul Revere's overrated ride, and the tale of a slave who helped America win.

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s02e18 / The First Factsgiving

28th Mar '18 - 2:00am
The First Factsgiving

The Pilgrims didn't break bread with Native Americans, but did dig up their graves! There was no romance between Pocahontas and John Smith, and cities in the New World rivaled London in scale before their "discovery".

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s02e19 / Mutually Assured Ruination

4th Apr '18 - 2:00am
Mutually Assured Ruination

Adam reveals that the United States kicked off the Cuban Missile Crisis; a lone female politician stands up to Joseph McCarthy; a bureaucratic mistake brings down the Berlin Wall.

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s02e20 / An Ancient History of Violence

11th Apr '18 - 2:00am
An Ancient History of Violence

Adam shares that it was against the rules for gladiators to hug opponents, and tells the story of a Celtic woman who brought the Roman Empire to its knees. Plus, the brave "300" Spartans numbered closer to 7000.

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s02e21 / The Copernican Ruin-aissance

18th Apr '18 - 2:00am
The Copernican Ruin-aissance

Adam sheds some light on Copernicus, who was actually supported (NOT persecuted) by the Catholic Church. Plus, a rogue dwarf revolutionized what we know about anatomy, and just wait until you hear about Tulip Mania!

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s02e22 / 100 Years Ago Today

25th Apr '18 - 2:00am
100 Years Ago Today

Adam digs into the Panama Canal, where Teddy Roosevelt formed a new country to snag free land. Plus, one man fought to keep food from killing us, while the Spanish Flu killed more Americans than all 20th century wars combined!

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s02e23 / Adam Ruins Guns

28th Nov '18 - 3:00am
Adam Ruins Guns

Adam Conover is back to take aim at critics on both sides of the gun debate in America. He explains why an assault weapons ban would not be effective and demonstrates how the Second Amendment has been twisted to fit the NRA's agenda.

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s02e24 / Adam Ruins Sleep

5th Dec '18 - 3:00am
Adam Ruins Sleep

Adam has a rude awakening for everything you thought you knew about sleep (or lack of it), from the mattress industry to supposedly lazy teens to sleep aids.

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s02e25 / Adam Ruins Tech

12th Dec '18 - 3:00am
Adam Ruins Tech

Adam logs in to dulge into monopolistic tech companies by stating that Amazon's monopoly over online shopping harms consumers; that copyright law is abused to prevent unauthorized repairs; and that tech companies not only routinely evade taxes, but also downright eradicate competition.

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s02e26 / Adam Ruins Flying

19th Dec '18 - 3:00am
Adam Ruins Flying

Adam causes turbulence when he reveals that reward miles drive up costs, and revisits the "golden age" of air travel to uncover smoky, sexist death traps in the sky. Plus, airline mergers are crippling smaller cities.

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