Adventure Time
Season 4

s04e01 / Hot to the Touch

2nd Apr '12 - 11:30pm
Hot to the Touch

Finn develops a crush on Flame Princess and tries to get to know her, which proves difficult due to her destructive power.

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s04e02 / Five Short Graybles

9th Apr '12 - 11:30pm
Five Short Graybles

A series of short stories all centered around the five senses, hosted by Pen Ward himself.

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s04e03 / Web Weirdos

16th Apr '12 - 11:30pm
Web Weirdos

When Finn gets trapped in a giant spider web, he ends up playing marriage counselor to a couple of grumpy arachnids.

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s04e04 / Dream of Love

23rd Apr '12 - 11:30pm
Dream of Love

Tree Trunks is courted by an oinking suitor, but much to Jake's dismay, this interferes with her baking habits.

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s04e05 / They Went to the Nightosphere (1)

30th Apr '12 - 11:00pm
They Went to the Nightosphere (1)

Marceline's dad banishes Finn and Jake to the Nightosphere, and it stinks. Literally.

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s04e06 / Daddy's Little Monster (2)

30th Apr '12 - 11:30pm
Daddy's Little Monster (2)

Finn and Jake are banished to the Nightosphere by Marceline's dad. Later, they attempt to rescue Marceline and find out what's making her behave so strangely.

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s04e07 / In Your Footsteps

7th May '12 - 11:30pm
In Your Footsteps

A bear cozies up to the guys, but his true intentions may be hidden; Jake embarks on a solo mission to help a broken-hearted Finn.

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s04e08 / Hug Wolf

14th May '12 - 11:30pm
Hug Wolf

Finn goes through a transformation after a run-in with a hug wolf; library books seek help from Finn and Jake to save them from the evil Moldari.

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s04e09 / Princess Monster Wife

28th May '12 - 11:30pm
Princess Monster Wife

Princesses lose body parts under mysterious circumstances.

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s04e10 / Goliad

4th Jun '12 - 11:30pm

Princess Bubblegum is concerned over her mortality and reveals her designated successor to Finn and Jake.

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s04e11 / Beyond This Earthly Realm

11th Jun '12 - 11:30pm
Beyond This Earthly Realm

Finn is transported to the spirit world and needs the Ice King\'s help to escape; Finn and Jake attempt to rescue Marceline and find out what\'s making her behave so strangely.

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s04e12 / Gotcha

18th Jun '12 - 11:30pm

In order to do research for her tell-all memoir about men, Lumpy Space Princess goes undercover working for Finn and Jake.

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s04e13 / Princess Cookies

25th Jun '12 - 11:30pm
Princess Cookies

Finn and Jake are called to solve a Candy Kingdom hostage crisis when a rogue cookie takes over.

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s04e14 / Card Wars

16th Jul '12 - 11:30pm
Card Wars

Finn and Jake play Card Quest, an epic game; Finn tries to prove Flame Princess isn\'t evil.

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s04e15 / Sons of Mars

23rd Jul '12 - 11:30pm
Sons of Mars

Jake becomes a copy of himself after a run-in with Martians; Finn gets caught in a spider web and ends up mediating disputes between disgruntled spiders.

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s04e16 / Burning Low

30th Jul '12 - 11:30pm
Burning Low

Bubblegum may be jealous when Finn starts hanging out with Flame Princess; Finn and Jake are banished to the Nightosphere by Marceline's dad.

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s04e17 / B-Mo Noire

6th Aug '12 - 11:30pm
B-Mo Noire

B-Mo plays detective and tries to find Finn's missing sock, and Finn becomes afraid that B-mo might be worrying too much about it.

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s04e18 / King Worm

13th Aug '12 - 11:30pm
King Worm

Finn has a vivid dream that may be more than it seems.

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s04e19 / Lady & Peebles

20th Aug '12 - 11:30pm
Lady & Peebles

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn look for Finn and Jake, who are missing after a run-in with the Ice King.

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s04e20 / You Made Me!

27th Aug '12 - 11:30pm
You Made Me!

When a creepy sleep-peeping Lemongrab upsets Princess Bubblegum with his creepy ways, Finn and Jake need to tend to some issues in the Outer Realm.

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s04e21 / Who Would Win

3rd Sep '12 - 11:30pm
Who Would Win

The guys challenge a monster to a fight but end up battling each other.

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s04e22 / Ignition Point

17th Sep '12 - 11:30pm
Ignition Point

The guys sneak into the Fire Kingdom and are caught in a family feud.

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s04e23 / The Hard Easy

1st Oct '12 - 11:30pm
The Hard Easy

Finn and Jake help Prince Huge deal with the Frog People.

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s04e24 / Reign of Gunthers

8th Oct '12 - 11:30pm
Reign of Gunthers

The Gunters cause chaos in Ooo.

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s04e25 / I Remember You

15th Oct '12 - 11:30pm
I Remember You

Ice King and Marceline bond over memories.

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s04e26 / The Lich

22nd Oct '12 - 11:30pm
The Lich

A visit from the Lich King sheds light on Ooo's secrets.

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