After Life
Season 2

s02e01 / Season 2, Episode 1

25th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 1

Determined to be kind but still struggling to be happy, Tony attends a Zen meditation course with Matt, whose own marriage is on the rocks.

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s02e02 / Season 2, Episode 2

26th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 2

Lenny's girlfriend's son takes a position at the Gazette. Sandy contemplates writing a gossip column. Matt gets iffy advice from his therapist.

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s02e03 / Season 2, Episode 3

27th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 3

A turn of events at the paper hits Sandy hard. Roxy and Pat share a meal. Tony tries to support Matt's desire to get back out there.

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s02e04 / Season 2, Episode 4

28th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 4

Tony interviews a local woman addicted to corrective surgery. Later, he holds back the snark in hopes of cheering up Kath.

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s02e05 / Season 2, Episode 5

29th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 5

The curtains go up on the community theatre revue and things go about as well as can be expected. Tony receives devastating news.

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s02e06 / Season 2, Episode 6

30th Apr '20 - 3:59am
Season 2, Episode 6

Grieving over another loss, Tony asks his friends and co-workers for space, not sympathy. HE also wrestles with what it means to move on.

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