Season 1

s01e01 / A Day in the Life of Retsuko

21st Apr '18 - 3:59am
A Day in the Life of Retsuko

Office worker Retsuko lets out her daily frustrations with her job by going to a karaoke bar and singing death metal.

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s01e02 / A Good, Hard-working Girl

22nd Apr '18 - 3:59am
A Good, Hard-working Girl

Retsuko experiences a glimmer of hope when her free-spirited friend, Puko, proposes starting up her own business.

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s01e03 / Short-Timer

23rd Apr '18 - 3:59am

Retsuko becomes more inclined to stand up to her superiors, which backfires when she learns her dream job isn't what she hoped it would be.

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s01e04 / Walking Down the Aisle

24th Apr '18 - 3:59am
Walking Down the Aisle

Feeling she can have a happy life by marrying someone with a huge salary, Retsuko takes up yoga classes, where she meets her co-workers Gori and Washimi.

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s01e05 / Exposed

25th Apr '18 - 3:59am

Gori and Washimi end up taking Retsuko to her usual karaoke bar, where her penchant for death metal is exposed.

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s01e06 / Stoking Rebellion

26th Apr '18 - 3:59am
Stoking Rebellion

Hearing about Retsuko's troubles with her boss, Ton, Washimi uses her connections with the company president to help her out.

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s01e07 / The Duel

27th Apr '18 - 3:59am
The Duel

Ton acts uncharacteristically nice following his warning, only for him to discover who it was who reported him.

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s01e08 / The Out of Pocket Prince

28th Apr '18 - 3:59am
The Out of Pocket Prince

Retsuko attends an office mixer, where she meets Resasuke from the sales department.

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s01e09 / A Rosy World

29th Apr '18 - 3:59am
A Rosy World

Retsuko falls head over heels for Resasuke, becoming oblivious to how bad things really are.

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s01e10 / The Dream Ends

30th Apr '18 - 3:59am
The Dream Ends

Retsuko is forced to realise that she can't keep ignoring the pain she is going through.

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