Carroll Shelby Bike 2 Summary

It's moving day for OCC when the guys move out to a bigger facility closer to Montgomery, New York. The final stages of fabrication on the Carroll Shelby Bike become complicated when Keith has the equipment moved right out under Vinnie and Rick's noses. After moving into the bigger facility, the bike snaps together but when engine problems similar to those that plagued the Comanche threaten to pull the plug on this Mustang-inspired masterpiece for its unveiling at a Las Vegas auto show.

Episode Highlights:

-Gus locks Paul Sr. out of his Hummer.

-Mikey and the guys trash the old shop.

-Paul Sr. runs his Expedition through the old shop.

-New York Governor George Pataki visits the new OCC shop.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 2 Episode 29 of American Chopper resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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American Chopper Show Summary

American Chopper profiles the lives of New York natives Paul Teutul Sr. and son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers (OCC), creators of the world's most outrageous custom motorcycles. Follow the day-to-day drama of this volatile father and son team as they battle impossible deadlines - and each other - to push the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication.

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