Minneapolis City Qualifiers Summary

In the qualifying round from Minneapolis, Minnesota, ninjas attempt to conquer 6 obstacles including the brand-new "Double Twister" and "Diamond Dash". Featured ninjas include Meagan Martin, Joe Moravsky, Lance Pekus, Maggi Thorne, and Sarah Schoback.

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 Episodes...

American Ninja Warrior Show Summary

G4 presents the biggest and most daring Ninja Warrior event in the network's history with the new series American Ninja Warrior.

The series will hold open tryouts to find the top 10 American competitors from across the country and send them to Japan to tackle Sasuke, the world's most difficult and diabolical obstacle course.

The American competitor who completes all four stages of Sasuke in the fastest time will be named the ultimate American Ninja Warrior.

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