Angie Tribeca
Season 3

s03e01 / Welcome Back, Blotter

11th Apr '17 - 1:00am
Welcome Back, Blotter

Angie Tribeca retires to become a stay at home mom. Show's over, right? Wrong. A trophy hunter goes missing and she's back on the case, which will definitely take nine more episodes to solve.

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s03e02 / Murder Gras

18th Apr '17 - 1:00am
Murder Gras

Tribeca has a hunch that the trophy hunter hunter has struck again, this time in New Orleans. It's all gators and gumbo as Tribeca heads to the Big Easy in hopes of catching the hugger before he strikes again. But everything is not as it seems to be, though that depends on what you thought it seemed like.

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s03e03 / Brockman Turner Overdrive

25th Apr '17 - 1:00am
Brockman Turner Overdrive

When a beloved college badminton star is the suspect of a hit-and-run, everyone turns a blind eye, because, as we all know, L.A'.s a badminton city. But not Tribeca and Geils, who find "fault" with the case and won't "let" it go.

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s03e04 / Turn Me On, Geils

2nd May '17 - 1:00am
Turn Me On, Geils

A brilliant robotics specialist is found dead in his lab. No one knows who killed him, which makes Tribeca's job a lot harder. The only one who can offer any insight into the case is the victim's magnetic assistant, who takes a liking to Geils.

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s03e05 / This Sounds Unbelievable, but CSI: Miami Did It

9th May '17 - 1:00am
This Sounds Unbelievable, but CSI: Miami Did It

Natalie Portman's in this one, but also a man falls from the sky and the team investigates a lead in space.

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s03e06 / Hey, I'm Solvin' Here!

16th May '17 - 1:00am
Hey, I'm Solvin' Here!

When a middle-aged man is mysteriously cuddled in New York, the team goes to the Big Apple on Tribeca's hunch that the same serial hugger they've been tracking is the culprit.

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s03e07 / License to Drill

23rd May '17 - 1:00am
License to Drill

Geils lands in trouble when he helps a woman investigate whether her husband is having an affair.

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s03e08 / If You See Something, Solve Something

30th May '17 - 1:00am
If You See Something, Solve Something

A naked woman crawls out of a child's backpack and doesn't remember a thing; Geils and Tanner track down a murderer on the run from prison.

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s03e09 / Germs of Endearment

6th Jun '17 - 1:00am
Germs of Endearment

When an outbreak of a lethal virus threatens to liquefy everyone in Los Angeles, the team realizes this might be the serial hugger's magnum opus.

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s03e10 / Go Get 'Em Tiger

13th Jun '17 - 1:00am
Go Get 'Em Tiger

People are still solid, but Dr. Scholls turns up missing and the serial hugger is still on the loose; Lt. Atkins has a beautiful outdoor wedding.

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