01 /  Rats

17th Mar '17 - 10:30pm

Laboratory rats Mike and Phil enter a love triangle with an imaginary friend; two fleas ponder life while stuck on a monkey's back; an algae questions its existence.


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02 /  Pigeons

24th Mar '17 - 10:30pm

A teenage pigeon's jealousy over his angelic little brother leads him on a wacky spirit quest that teaches him about courage and responsibility; two foxes rap about their tough life on the city streets.


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03 /  Roaches

31st Mar '17 - 10:30pm

When an exterminator puts a roach town in crisis, the survivors band together to travel to the world outside their wall and guarantee the survival of their species. Stuck together by a piece of litter, a group of seagulls struggles to live as one.


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04 /  Squirrels

7th Apr '17 - 10:30pm

With New York City quarantined and in disarray, squirrels Mike and Phil prepare for their mother's remarriage. As Mike tries to impress a female guest, Phil plots to stop the wedding, squaring off with his soon-to-be little brother, the attention-hog Mason.


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05 /  Humans

14th Apr '17 - 10:30pm

Inside the headquarters of evil conglomerate Pesci Co., the unscrupulous Dr. Labcoat prepares for the roll out of the 'Green Pill,' a mysterious cure for the virus plaguing New York City.


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06 /  Rats

21st Apr '17 - 10:30pm

Rat teens Mike and Phil plot to exploit a human baby for profit, but things take a dark turn as the stakes increase; two bees fight over the love of a tulip.


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07 /  Cats, Part 1

28th Apr '17 - 10:30pm
Cats, Part 1

As rival alley-cat crews face off for control of the streets of Little Italy, a young feline rises to the top of the pack; three owls gather for Christmas celebrations.


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08 /  Cats, Part 2

5th May '17 - 10:30pm
Cats, Part 2

The power struggle among New York's feline gangs continues; Phil takes charge while Mike looks for a way out.


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09 /  Worms, Birds, Possums

12th May '17 - 10:30pm
Worms, Birds, Possums

Two ends of a worm seek love and independence; newly hatched bluebirds fight to survive; an opossum and his father clash over the reality of being predators.


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10 /  Dog

19th May '17 - 10:30pm

An elderly dog looks back on her life and dispenses wise advice; rat teens Phil and Mike wonder what the future holds.


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