Avengers Assemble
Season 2

s02e01 / The Arsenal

28th Sep '14 - 12:30pm
The Arsenal

When Red Skull comes crashing to Earth with a fleet of alien ships chasing him, the Avengers learn there's a villain in their midst a thousand times more dangerous than the Cabal ever was: Thanos! Earth's Mightiest Heroes are forced to face the fact they're big fish in a small pond - and this new villain wants to conquer the entire ocean! Will the mightiest superheroes on Earth be able to stop the super-villain of the galaxy... before he succeeds in becoming all-powerful?.

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s02e02 / Thanos Rising

5th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Thanos Rising

A new superhero joins the Avengers as the team reunites at their headquarters in Avengers Tower to take on the dangerous villains that inhabit the planet who are looking to take over various cities in an attempt to bring down the superhero team.

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s02e03 / Valhalla Can Wait

12th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Valhalla Can Wait

Hulk and Thor are tricked into a battle and transported to Valhalla to find out who is the strongest, once and for all. But under Hela's rule, only the loser of their contest may return to Earth while the winner will become her consort and champion.

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s02e04 / Ghosts of the Past

26th Oct '14 - 12:30pm
Ghosts of the Past

Red Skull has information that could help the Avengers save the world from Thanos, but an intruder kidnaps Skull before they can retrieve it. Cap discovers that the trespasser is none other than his old partner Bucky Barnes, now the Winter Soldier, who's back and seeks revenge.

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s02e05 / Beneath the Surface

2nd Nov '14 - 1:30pm
Beneath the Surface

A new superhero joins the Avengers as the team reunites at their headquarters in Avengers Tower to take on the dangerous villains that inhabit the planet who are looking to take over various cities in an attempt to bring down the superhero team.

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s02e06 / Nighthawk

9th Nov '14 - 1:30pm

When a mysterious new villain uses the individualized counter measures Falcon created when he was at S.H.I.E.L.D. to take out the Avengers one by one, he must figure out a way to save his team.

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s02e07 / The Age of Tony Stark

16th Nov '14 - 1:30pm
The Age of Tony Stark

When the Time Stone becomes attached to Tony's arc reactor, it causes him to de-age and brings dangers from other eras, including dinosaurs, into present-day New York City.

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s02e08 / Head to Head

25th Jan '15 - 1:30pm
Head to Head

Tony believes the Avengers have reached the pinnacle of perfection, but when M.O.D.O.K. uses the Mind Stone to assume control of S.H.I.E.L.D., the team is put to the test as they are forced to swap minds.

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s02e09 / The Dark Avengers

1st Feb '15 - 1:30pm
The Dark Avengers

In a 'flipped reality', the Avengers discover that their world has been reshaped by the Reality Stone, wielded by the Squadron Supreme. In this new reality the Squadron Supreme have made themselves the heroes and the Avengers the villains! Find out if the Avengers can take down the Squadron Supreme and prove that they're the real heroes.

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s02e10 / Back to the Learning Hall

8th Feb '15 - 1:30pm
Back to the Learning Hall

When Thor is tricked into returning to Asgard, he and the Avengers discover they must defeat Loki and prevent Earth and Asgard from crashing into one another and foil Loki's plan to escape Valhalla and seek revenge on his brother.

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s02e11 / Downgraded

15th Feb '15 - 1:30pm

Stranded without his gear in a dangerous realm where technology doesn't work, Falcon must prove to himself and a skeptical Hawkeye that he's still a hero.

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s02e12 / Widow's Run

22nd Feb '15 - 1:30pm
Widow's Run

The Avengers must protect Widow and Thor as they carry out Widow's plan to rid the Earth of the Infinity Stones before Thanos arrives to claim them and control the Universe.

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s02e13 / Thanos Triumphant

1st Mar '15 - 1:30pm
Thanos Triumphant

With the power and might of all five Infinity Stones finally in his gauntlet, Thanos plans to wield his power over the Universe while the Avengers make a desperate attempt to stop him.

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s02e14 / Crack in the System

12th Apr '15 - 12:30pm
Crack in the System

Iron Man and Captain America try to rebuild their relationship, until Cap discovers Iron Man's hiding dangerous information about an artificial intelligence unit named Ultron.

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s02e15 / Avengers Disassembled

19th Apr '15 - 12:30pm
Avengers Disassembled

An even more powerful Ultron resurfaces and takes control of Avengers Tower and Iron Man's Hall of Armors, leading to the destruction of the Avengers as we know them.

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s02e16 / Small Time Heroes

26th Apr '15 - 12:30pm
Small Time Heroes

With the team divided and the Avengers Tower wiped out, Tony seeks help from Ant-Man. Learning he's busy fighting MODOK, Tony's team joins Ant-Man to stop the Pym Particle thief.

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s02e17 / The Ultron Outbreak

28th Apr '15 - 12:30pm
The Ultron Outbreak

The Avengers reunite when Captain America and Iron Man learn to appreciate their differences while trying to save the world from ultimate destruction at the hands of Ultron!

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s02e18 / Secret Avengers

10th May '15 - 12:30pm
Secret Avengers

Captain America's team discovers that working for S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't everything they had hoped for when they're expected to unquestionably follow orders involving the Crimson Dynamo and The Winter Guard.

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s02e19 / The New Guy

17th May '15 - 12:30pm
The New Guy

When Ant-Man joins the Avengers, Hawkeye resigns and trains his replacement on Monster Island, unaware that Red Skull is nearby planning to cloak himself using Dormammu's powers!

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s02e20 / Terminal Velocity

5th Jul '15 - 12:30pm
Terminal Velocity

The Squadron Supreme's fastest member, Speed Demon, is on the loose and wreaking havoc throughout Avengers Tower. Hulk must save the day by fighting the high velocity villain.

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s02e21 / Spectrums

12th Jul '15 - 12:30pm

New Avenger, Ant-Man, begins to atone by bringing his former allies to justice. His quest for redemption leads the team to an epic battle with Squadron Supreme's Dr. Spectrum.

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s02e22 / Midgard Crisis

19th Jul '15 - 12:30pm
Midgard Crisis

Thor is convinced that Donald wants to defect from Squadron Supreme, but Hulk knows better and must protect Thor from Donald's duplicitous ways.

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s02e23 / Avengers' Last Stand (1)

26th Jul '15 - 12:30pm
Avengers' Last Stand (1)

The Avengers are challenged by the fully formed and incredibly powerful Squadron Supreme for a battle that will end with only one team as the victors - but which team will prevail?.

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s02e24 / Avengers Underground (2)

2nd Aug '15 - 12:30pm
Avengers Underground (2)

The Squadron Supreme has taken over the world, leaving the Avengers for dead. Unbeknownst to the Squadron and the rest of the world, the Avengers are in hiding and working out a new plan to save the planet and stop the Squadron once and for all.

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s02e25 / New Frontiers (3)

13th Sep '15 - 12:30pm
New Frontiers (3)

When an alien race begs the Avengers to save them from mysterious invaders, the team discovers Thanos is plundering the planet. Meanwhile, Tony seeks new challenges for the team.

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s02e26 / Avengers Worlds

20th Sep '15 - 12:30pm
Avengers Worlds

When Thanos attacks Earth, planning to finally take over the planet by destroying the Avengers, the team discovers they are more than eight heroes - they are an ideal.

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