Bad Education
Season 3

s03e01 / Strike

16th Sep '14 - 10:00pm

It's summer term and Alfie Wickers is back in high spirits to get his class through their exams. But there is a shock for Alfie with the revelation that his dad Martin Wickers has been appointed as the new deputy head whose first jobs are to increase class sizes and fire a member of staff after Fraser has badly invested the school's money in his own clothing range, Dolce and GaBanter. For Alfie this means a new class member, Cleopatra, and a tough decision to make - stand by his girlfriend, Miss Gulliver when she leads the teachers on strike, or sacrifice himself to save his class from failing their exams.

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s03e02 / After School Clubs

23rd Sep '14 - 10:00pm
After School Clubs

It is the summer term and Alfie Wickers is back as the self-styled maverick of Abbey Grove. Mitchell announces he is leaving the school, but there is the perfect opportunity for a farewell party when Fraser decides to rent out rooms to after-school clubs for extra cash. However, things get complicated for Alfie when he promises to attend Gulliver's book group, Fraser's LARPing club and Mitchell's leaving party. Alfie wants to use the book group as an opportunity to impress Gulliver, but when he gets his class to write the chapter summaries things quickly go from bad to worse. Simultaneously, he has got to help Fraser win a fantasy battle against two very self-important LARPers and survive Mitchell's leaving pranks. Will he be able to do all three without letting someone down?.

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s03e03 / Sports Day

30th Sep '14 - 10:00pm
Sports Day

It's Abbey Grove's sports day and Fraser has hired the most inappropriate new sports teacher to oversee events - Preet. Alfie sees this as the perfect opportunity to challenge Miss Gulliver's ex-boyfriend to an endurance event, which Preet offers to design. But with a steroid scandal rocking the school and Alfie desperate to win by any means possible, will he make it over the finish line with his dignity intact?.

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s03e04 / Fundraising

7th Oct '14 - 10:00pm

Martin efforts to teach Alfie to drive do no to got plan after they run over the school caretaker. Alfie and his class decide to try and raise some money for the caretaker's urgent surgery but after the school bully Grayson is transferred to Alfie's class, their good intentions do not go to plan.

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s03e05 / The Exam

14th Oct '14 - 10:00pm
The Exam

Alfie is forced to take a Biology GCSE with the rest of his class. Martin Wicker's efforts to teach Alfie to drive do not go to plan they run over the school caretaker.

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s03e06 / Prom

21st Oct '14 - 10:00pm

The exams are over, and it is careers advice day for the Form K. However Alife who takes the biggest decision when he decides he cannot go on teaching without his class and quits teaching. Fraser is upset to be losing his best friend. Alfie reveals he has landed a job at the Playstation factory. Gulliver and his class beg him to return to the school.

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