Batman: The Animated Series
Season 4

s04e01 / The Terrible Trio

12th Sep '95 - 12:00am
The Terrible Trio

Batman tracks three wealthy playboys who commit crimes out of boredom.

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s04e02 / Showdown

13th Sep '95 - 12:00am

Batman and Robin learn about the exploits of Jonah Hex an Old West crimefighter who once dealt with the immortal Ra's Al Ghul.

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s04e03 / Catwalk

14th Sep '95 - 12:00am

Catwoman's attempt to go straight runs into problems when she is enticed into one last job by the Ventriloquist.

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s04e04 / A Bullet for Bullock

15th Sep '95 - 12:00am
A Bullet for Bullock

Batman helps Detective Harvey Bullock who appears to be the target of someone's revenge.

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s04e05 / The Lion and the Unicorn

16th Sep '95 - 12:00am
The Lion and the Unicorn

Alfred, a former British spy, is called into duty and becomes of the target of the Red Claw.

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