Season 2, Episode 4 Summary

An unregulated interrogation causes the Chief of Police to take Lars and Alfhildr off the case, but with Jorn's help, they soon make an important discovery. Meanwhile, the physicist John Roberts trawls the streets of Oslo. A stunt to promote the Ben Dover Express has unforeseen consequences for Lars's daughter, Ingrid and her friends.

Beforeigners Season 2 Episodes...

Beforeigners Show Summary

A new phenomenon starts happening all over the world. Powerful flashes of light occur in the ocean, and people from the past appear from three time periods; the stone age, the Viking age, and the late 1800s. No one understands how this is possible, and the people from the past, called 'beforeigners', have no memory of what's transpired. A couple of years later, Alfhildr - who comes from the Viking Age - is teamed up with burned-out police officer Lars Haaland as part of the police department's integration program. While investigating the hug of a woman with Stone Age tattoos, Lars and Alfhildr make unexpected discoveries.

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