Being Human (US)
Season 3

s03e01 / It's A Shame About Ray

15th Jan '13 - 2:00am
It's A Shame About Ray

Aidan resurfaces to find the vampire community has changed a great deal. Meanwhile, Sally struggles to free herself from limbo; Josh and Nora stand up to Ray, and at the same time a new threat comes looking for them in Boston.

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s03e02 / (dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

22nd Jan '13 - 2:00am
(dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sally flirts with an old acquaintance, while Aidan looks for blood and finds someone from his past. Elsewhere, Josh tries to decide whether to take the next step in his relationship with Nora, who comes in contact with a dangerous foe.

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s03e03 / The Teens They Are A Changin'

29th Jan '13 - 2:00am
The Teens They Are A Changin'

Nora and Josh wonder how to deal with a runaway teen; Sally tries to make things right with a ghost and meets a new love interest; and Aidan and Henry continue to look for clean blood.

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s03e04 / I'm So Lonesome I Could Die

5th Feb '13 - 2:00am
I'm So Lonesome I Could Die

Sally takes action to keep others safe, Aidan gets desperate and Nora takes Josh to meet the parents.

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s03e05 / Get Outta My Dreans, Get Into My Mouth

12th Feb '13 - 2:00am
Get Outta My Dreans, Get Into My Mouth

Liam is determined to turn Josh and Nora against Aidan, who has more immediate concerns when Kenny begins to suspect that Aidan is a vampire. Meanwhile, Sally and Max grow closer at the funeral home.

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s03e06 / What's Blood Got to Do With It?

19th Feb '13 - 2:00am
What's Blood Got to Do With It?

Sally seeks Donna's help to make things right after she has an accidental encounter with somebody from her past. Elsewhere, Josh finds being responsible for Erin a challenge; and Aidan is haunted by memories of Bishop.

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s03e07 / One is Silver and the Other Pagan

26th Feb '13 - 2:00am
One is Silver and the Other Pagan

Josh reconnects with his younger sister, while Sally spends time with an old friend who has changed a lot over the years. Elsewhere, a sexy vampire uses Kenny to get her hands on Aidan's clean blood supply.

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s03e08 / Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland

5th Mar '13 - 2:00am
Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland

Josh pops the question to Nora; Liam kidnaps and tortures Aidan; and Sally's body begins to decompose.

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s03e09 / Of Mice and Wolfmen

12th Mar '13 - 1:00am
Of Mice and Wolfmen

Aidan is on the brink of death as a result of the virus. At the same time, Sally develops strange cravings. Elsewhere, Josh and Nora cross paths with an older hippie wolf.

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s03e10 / For Those About to Rot

19th Mar '13 - 1:00am
For Those About to Rot

Aidan makes a sacrifice to protect Josh and Nora; Aidan remembers his wife and son.

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s03e11 / If I Only Had Raw Brain

26th Mar '13 - 1:00am
If I Only Had Raw Brain

Josh encounters a vampire stripper as he and Nora search for Donna in hopes that she can put an end to the curse that's affecting Sally. Meanwhile, Aidan tries to make good on his promise to Kenny.

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s03e12 / Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive

2nd Apr '13 - 1:00am
Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive

Aidan, Sally and Josh prepare to battle Donna; and Kenny awakens, but things don't work out as planned.

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s03e13 / Ruh Roh

9th Apr '13 - 1:00am
Ruh Roh

Josh and Nora face Liam; Sally deals with the outcome of her showdown with Donna; Aidan must deal with Kenny.

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