Bering Sea Gold
Season 16

s16e01 / Goldfellas

2nd Aug '23 - 12:00am
Goldfellas Summary

Young mining gangster Chris McCully challenges Mr. Gold's dominance. Wise guys Kris and Andy prospect. Don Vernon faces health issues. Made man Zeke creates a palace on the ice. A pregnant Emily leaves Jane in charge of the operation.

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s16e02 / Evolve or Die

9th Aug '23 - 12:00am
Evolve or Die Summary

Innovative mining strategies pay off for Chris and Shawn. A crew screwup leaves Kris once again behind in the gold count. A shocking discovery reveals why Emily's crew hasn't been seeing any gold in the box.

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s16e03 / New Kid on the Ice Block

16th Aug '23 - 12:00am
New Kid on the Ice Block Summary

Chris McCully continues to pose a serious threat to Mr. Gold. Vernon and crew are plagued by mishaps. The Kellys wait for a game-changing piece of gold mining equipment to arrive. Shawn competes in Nome's biggest snowmobile race.

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s16e04 / Ice Mission: Impossible

23rd Aug '23 - 12:00am
Ice Mission: Impossible Summary

Shawn and Zeke each risk dangerous ice missions in the hopes of big paystreaks. Kris' gold mining miracle has arrived but requires some assembly. Jane does her best with an absent Emily and a diver who can't swim.

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s16e05 / A Nightmare on Nome Street

30th Aug '23 - 12:00am
A Nightmare on Nome Street Summary

Chris finds himself stranded on the ice. Shawn hits a mysterious dry spell. The Kellys' brand-new Crawler awakens but encounters electrical problems. A tangled tether spells bad news for Zeke and the boys. Vernon finds two divers are better than one.

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s16e06 / Crawl to Redemption

6th Sep '23 - 12:00am
Crawl to Redemption Summary

The Kellys unveil their secret gold mining weapon. Chris McCully's hot paystreak continues. A scary close call forces Zeke to adjust strategy. Jane butts heads with her crew as tensions boil over. Shawn discovers a hidden treasure at the bottom of the Bering Sea.

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s16e07 / The Wolf Of Wall Streak

13th Sep '23 - 12:00am
The Wolf Of Wall Streak Summary

Chris McCully and crew hit a paystreak so lucrative they call it "Wall Street". Shawn strikes gold all the way at 40 feet under the ice. Kris and Andy argue over their new underwater gold-getting toy. Vernon's diver faces a possible disaster.

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s16e08 / Jane's Affliction

20th Sep '23 - 12:00am
Jane's Affliction Summary

Jane clashes with Emily's crew over being disrespected. Equipment failures cause delays for Chris and Shawn. Kris is thrilled to find his Crawler in action. Pressure ridges cause one close call too many for Zeke and his crew.

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s16e09 / Big Dig Energy

27th Sep '23 - 12:00am
Big Dig Energy Summary

The Kellys quarrel while trying to make their gold-sucking Crawler work. Some anatomical-looking worms in the sea may lead Shawn to gold. Vernon's best laid plans falter as he deals with health issues. Jane receives news of the birth of Emily's baby.

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s16e10 / The Last Duel

4th Oct '23 - 12:00am
The Last Duel Summary

Mr. Gold and Chris McCully battle it out for the top spot on the gold board. The Kellys are at risk of ending the season with no gold. After some dangerous dives, Jane, Vernon and Zeke's crews each make a push to finish the season with a bang.

104 have watched this episode
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