A Fresh Sparkles Summary

Big Hero 6 is shocked to learn that Mr. Sparkles, going by his real name Frank, has recently been employed at the Pizza Party-torium and has turned over a new leaf. Not wanting to be seen as soft, Honey Lemon tries to out him, but he seems to have changed for the better. A painting is stolen and the team go searching for Mr. Sparkles. However, it is revealed that Yama had kidnapped him as revenge for outing him for his crimes. Honey Lemon doubles down on her attacks and defeats Yama while Mr. Sparkles returns the painting, proving that he has changed. Honey Lemon returns to her quirky bubbly self.

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Big Hero 6 Show Summary

As the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Hiro now faces daunting academic challenges and the social trials of being the little man on campus. Off campus, the stakes are raised for the high-tech heroes as they must protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains.

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