Big Mouth
Season 5

s05e01 / No Nut November

6th Nov '21 - 3:59am
No Nut November

To get his mind off Lola, Jay begs his pals to join him in a monthlong challenge. Missy's caught off guard by a new crush.

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s05e02 / The Shane Lizard Rises

7th Nov '21 - 3:59am
The Shane Lizard Rises

Eager to get his mojo back, the Shame Wizard drops in on swim class to torment the kids with bodily insecurities.

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s05e03 / Lovebugs

8th Nov '21 - 4:59am

As Walter the love bug coaches Nick on matters of the heart, Jesse gets fired up about protesting the school's problematic mascot.

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s05e04 / The Green-Eyed Monster

9th Nov '21 - 4:59am
The Green-Eyed Monster

Unrequited love and jealous rivalries turn the friends into seething beasts. Andrew gets a little too invested in a substitute teacher.

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s05e05 / Thanksgiving

10th Nov '21 - 4:59am

Missy tries to show her cousins she's not a dork, Andrew takes a stand against his dad's turkey tyranny, and Jesse hopes for a Thanksgiving miracle.

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s05e06 / Best Friends Make the Best Lovers

11th Nov '21 - 4:59am
Best Friends Make the Best Lovers

While Jessi sorts through her feelings for Ali, Nick joins Devon for a boys' night, Andrew shows off his new persona, and Missy starts a rumor online.

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s05e07 / I F**king Hate You

12th Nov '21 - 4:59am
I F**king Hate You

Emboldened by their new monsters, Missy and Nick descend into a hate spiral. Meanwhile, Jay puts on a big show to win back Lola.

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s05e08 / A Very Big Mouth Christmas

13th Nov '21 - 4:59am
A Very Big Mouth Christmas

Classic holiday stories get a naughty makeover in this special episode hosted by puppet versions of Maury and Connie.

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s05e09 / Sugarbush

14th Nov '21 - 4:59am

On a Birch family ski trip, Leah prepares to go all the way with Val, and Andrew hits it off with a fellow ski noob. Matthew helps Jay out of a slump.

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s05e10 / Re-New Year's Eve

15th Nov '21 - 4:59am
Re-New Year's Eve

Nick follows Walter to the land of monsters and demands to see the person in charge. A New Year's Eve party inspires a flurry of grand gestures.

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