Season 1

s01e01 / Summons

12th Jan '14 - 2:00am

Get to know the town of Bear Valley in upstate New York and The Pack family, to which Elena Michaels used to belong after being bitten by her boyfriend Clayton. With that one small bite, Elena was forced to live as a werewolf. Still craving the normal life she lost, Elena flees to Toronto and hides her secret from her boyfriend, Phillip. However, she is pulled back into her former world when the discovery of a mauled girl catapults an all-out war against a group of rogue Mutts (non-Pack werewolves) whose aim is to destroy The Pack.

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s01e02 / Prodigal

19th Jan '14 - 2:00am

Clay makes it clear to Elena that he's still very much interested in her, but she keeps her distance, focusing her attention on tracking the hugger "mutt" and getting back to her human life in Toronto. However, the discovery of a second body on Stonehaven property keeps the prodigal werewolf in Upstate New York indefinitely.

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s01e03 / Trespass

26th Jan '14 - 2:00am

Old feelings come to surface for Elena and Clay, who find themselves in a dangerous situation when they track the Mutt to a warehouse and he turns into a wolf.

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s01e04 / Grief

2nd Feb '14 - 2:00am

Elena and Clay deal with their growing sexual tension as they work together to figure out the who and why behind the plot to turn psychotic huggers into werewolves.

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s01e05 / Bitten

9th Feb '14 - 2:00am

Elena is overwhelmed with memories of her romance with Clay, including the day she was bitten by a werewolf, as she defends him against hug accusations; at the same time, Clay's character is put into question when former Pack member Daniel Santos shows up with information on the Mutt uprising.

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s01e06 / Committed

16th Feb '14 - 2:00am

Elena returns to Toronto, but her human life with Philip is interrupted when Santos arrives with a way out of the Pack. Elsewhere, at Stonehaven, Jeremy must fight to keep his Alpha status in tact.

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s01e07 / Stalking

23rd Feb '14 - 2:00am

Daniel Santos, the recently revealed leader of the Mutt uprising, wants to sit down with the Pack and discuss a truce. But are they just walking into a trap?.

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s01e08 / Prisoner

2nd Mar '14 - 2:00am

A poisoned Jeremy grows weaker by the hour as Elena and Clay race against the clock to save his life, but run into hurdles as they interrogate a Mutt and contend with a werewolf wannabe.

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s01e09 / Vengeance

9th Mar '14 - 2:00am

The Pack push personal issues aside to focus on survival after Santos sics a notorious hugger on them, but Elena's feelings for Clay race to the surface after her own close call with death.

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s01e10 / Descent

16th Mar '14 - 1:00am

Elena returns to Toronto for her art show accompanied by Clay, who keeps a protective watch over her while camping out on Philip's couch. Elsewhere, the Pack receive valuable information about the Mutts from an unexpected source.

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s01e11 / Settling

23rd Mar '14 - 1:00am

Elena enters into damage-control mode with Philip, who has become painfully aware of her romantic history with Clay; and later, breaks Pack law when the Mutts launch a coordinated attack in Toronto and threaten the human she loves.

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s01e12 / Caged

30th Mar '14 - 1:00am

Elena goes against her Alpha's commands when she embraces her hugger instinct to free Clay from captivity. Later, when confronted by Phillip, she's forced to come to terms with her true identity.

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s01e13 / Ready

6th Apr '14 - 1:00am

In the Season 1 finale, Elena returns to Stonehaven and her Pack after learning the truth about Clay's role in her werewolf origins. Reunited, they ready themselves for an epic war against the Mutt army led by Santos and the mysterious James Williams.

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