Season 6

s06e01 / Pops the Question

25th Sep '19 - 1:30am
Pops the Question

Summer was a season of change for the Johnsons. The twins are headed into eighth grade, and Junior is out on his own managing social media for Migos. Meanwhile, Pops reveals that he is getting married.

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s06e02 / Every Day I'm Struggling

2nd Oct '19 - 1:30am
Every Day I'm Struggling

When Rainbow and Dre realize Junior's been taking them for granted, they decide it's time to band together and cut him off for good. Meanwhile, Jack discovers he has a very lucrative talent, only Ruby wants to use it for all the wrong reasons.

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s06e03 / Feminisn't

9th Oct '19 - 1:30am

When Bow learns that Diane and Ruby don't believe in feminism, she brings Diane to meet the women in her feminist group. Bow's friend Abby thinks the group needs to be more inclusive, so Bow invites three of her girlfriends to join. Meanwhile, Junior and Jack help Dre after he realizes he is out of touch with modern-day feminism.

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s06e04 / When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)

16th Oct '19 - 1:30am
When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)

Jack gets cut from the basketball team and it leads to a family discussion about him being short for his age. Dre is worried for his future, but Bow feels strongly that Jack will overcome his adversity and be stronger for it.

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s06e05 / Mad and Boujee

23rd Oct '19 - 1:30am
Mad and Boujee

When Dre is invited to join a private social club for the black upper class, Bow and the family jump at the opportunity to mingle with this new community, but Dre's not so sure these exclusive clubs are all they're cracked up to be. Meanwhile, Junior helps Pops pick a wedding date

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s06e06 / Everybody Blames Raymond

30th Oct '19 - 1:30am
Everybody Blames Raymond

Halloween is around the corner and the Johnsons are definitely not seeing eye to eye on the family costume. The only thing they do agree on is that Jack's new friend Raymond has got to go. Meanwhile, Junior wants Devante's first trick-or-treating experience to be perfect.

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s06e07 / Daughters for Dummies

13th Nov '19 - 2:30am
Daughters for Dummies

When Dre realizes that his relationship with Diane has been distant, he plans some daddy-daughter bonding sessions, but the plans backfire when he realizes the interest is one-sided. Meanwhile, Bow covers for Junior at his ChoreBoar gig.

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s06e08 / O Mother Where Art Thou?

20th Nov '19 - 2:30am
O Mother Where Art Thou?

When Dre discovers that Lynette is an art aficionado like himself, the two quickly bond and become close, but he begins to feel guilty since he is spending more time with her than Ruby. Meanwhile, Junior introduces Bow to virtual reality.

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s06e09 / University of Dre

27th Nov '19 - 2:30am
University of Dre

Dre and Bow are worried about Junior's future working odd jobs, especially after he tells them he wants to produce comedy shows for unknown comics. When Dre realizes that Junior is putting himself out there and following in his own footsteps, he takes him under his wing to the "University of Dre". Meanwhile, Rainbow encourages Diane to have a slumber party at their house.

s06e10 / Father Christmas

11th Dec '19 - 2:30am
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