Season 17

s17e01 / The Blood Warfare

11th Oct '22 - 7:30pm
The Blood Warfare Summary

The Soul Society is observing a sudden surge in the number of Hollows being destroyed.

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s17e02 / Foundation Stones

18th Oct '22 - 7:30pm
Foundation Stones Summary

Ichigo and his friends decide to set out for Hueco Mundo to help the Arrancars.

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s17e03 / March of the Starcross

25th Oct '22 - 7:30pm
March of the Starcross Summary

While Ichigo takes on Quilge, the other Sternritter gather at the Gate of the Sun to invade the Soul Society.

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s17e04 / Kill The Shadow

1st Nov '22 - 7:30pm
Kill The Shadow Summary

The war between the Gotei 13 and the Wandenreich begins as the captains discover the true power of the Medallions used by the Sternritter.

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s17e05 / Wrath as a Lightning

8th Nov '22 - 7:30pm
Wrath as a Lightning Summary

Quilge uses his power to imprison Ichigo inside the Garganta. As Ichigo tries to free himself, he starts to hear the screams of the Shinigami falling to the enemy's onslaught.

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s17e06 / The Fire

15th Nov '22 - 7:30pm
The Fire Summary

General Yamamoto confronts Yhwach for the first time in a thousand years.

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s17e07 / Born in the Dark

22nd Nov '22 - 7:30pm
Born in the Dark Summary

Ichigo finally enters the Soul Society to confront Yhwach.

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s17e08 / The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix)

29th Nov '22 - 7:30pm
The Shooting Star Project (Zero Mix) Summary

Rescue operations are being carried out across the Seireitei to find and help those who have survived the onslaught of the Sternritter.

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s17e09 / The Drop

6th Dec '22 - 7:30pm
The Drop Summary

Squad Zero brings Ichigo back to the Soul King Palace to prepare for the upcoming battle. Meanwhile, Kyoraku is appointed as the new Head Captain to lead the Gotei 13.

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s17e10 / The Battle

13th Dec '22 - 7:30pm
The Battle Summary

Kenpachi Zaraki removes his eye patch to fight Retsu Unohana, a.k.a. Yachiru Unohana, "The First Kenpachi". Meanwhile, Ichigo and Renji head to Hoohden to meet Oh-Etsu Nimaiya, the man who is said to have created the Zanpakuto.

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s17e11 / Everything But the Rain

20th Dec '22 - 7:30pm
Everything But the Rain Summary

Ichigo is kicked out of the Royal Palace after failing his test and finds himself in the Human World. There he is visited by his father, who tells him the story of Ichigo's mother, Masaki Kurosaki.

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s17e12 / Everything But the Rain 'June Truth'

27th Dec '22 - 7:00pm
Everything But the Rain 'June Truth' Summary

Squad 10 Captain Isshin Shiba of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads decides to not report his encounter with the Quincy named Masaki Kurosaki in the World of the Living to the Head Captain.

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s17e13 / The Blade Is Me

27th Dec '22 - 7:30pm
The Blade Is Me Summary

Ichigo learns that he is the child born of a Soul Reaper and a Quincy. Finally understanding the truth behind his heritage, Ichigo decides to return to Hoohden with a renewed resolve to finish what he has started. Meanwhile, the Soul Reapers are seen training or seeking new powers to prepare for the next battle. Back at Hoohden, Ichigo passes the Asauchi test and is brought to the next stop by Oh-Etsu, who tells Ichigo that he must now bid farewell to his Zangetsu.

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s17e14 / The Last 9 Days

8th Jul '23 - 7:30pm
The Last 9 Days Summary

Ichigo prepares to leave the Royal Palace to return to the Seireitei but is stopped by Hyosube, who claims that Ichigo cannot defeat Yhwach as he is now.

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s17e15 / Peace From Shadows

15th Jul '23 - 7:30pm
Peace From Shadows Summary

As the Seireitei is completely replaced by the Wandenreich, the Gotei 13 are confronted by the Sternritter.

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s17e16 / The Fundamental Virulence

22nd Jul '23 - 7:30pm
The Fundamental Virulence Summary

Mayuri receives a call from Urahara, who had stayed behind in Hueco Mundo to search for a way to reclaim everyone's stolen Bankai. Urahara claims that he was able to come up with a solution based on the data gained from his earlier battle with Quilge.

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s17e17 / Heart of Wolf

29th Jul '23 - 7:30pm
Heart of Wolf Summary

The tides of battle seemed to have turned after the captains reclaimed their stolen Bankai. However, the Stern Ritters release their Quincy Voll Stern Dich to drive the Soul Reapers deeper into a corner.

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s17e18 / Rages at Ringside

5th Aug '23 - 7:30pm
Rages at Ringside Summary

Kensei Muguruma joins the battle against Masculine, who has already defeated Shuhei Hisagi, Ikkaku Madarame, and Yumichika Ayasegawa. However, Kensei is taken aback by how weak his opponent is.

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s17e19 / The White Haze

12th Aug '23 - 7:30pm
The White Haze Summary

A fearless Rukia swings her Sodenoshirayuki in battle as she takes on Äs Nödt.

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s17e20 / I Am the Edge

19th Aug '23 - 7:30pm
I Am the Edge Summary

Isane and Yachiru are treating the wounded Kensei and Rojuro when they are attacked by Gwenael, a Quincy who not only possesses the ability to disappear physically but can also erase his existence from the memory of his opponents.

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s17e21 / The Headless Star

26th Aug '23 - 7:30pm
The Headless Star Summary

Kenpachi is hit by Candace's lightning attack after defeating Gremy. Rukia and Byakuya feel a change in Kenpachi's spiritual pressure, and at the same time, they feel another familiar spiritual pressure approaching from above.

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s17e22 / Marching Out the Zombies

9th Sep '23 - 7:30pm
Marching Out the Zombies Summary

Ichigo and the Soul Reapers try to stop Yhwach upon learning that his real target lies within the Royal Palace. However, their efforts are thwarted by Uryu, who stands in Ichigo's way in order to allow Yhwach safe passage to the Royal Palace.

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s17e23 / Marching Out the Zombies 2

16th Sep '23 - 7:30pm
Marching Out the Zombies 2 Summary

Ikkaku, Yumichika, and the Arrancars work together to fight off Giselle's zombies. But the group is shocked when Giselle reveals her next pawn, who is none other than Captain Hitsugaya of Squad 10.

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s17e24 / Too Early To Win Too Late To Know

23rd Sep '23 - 7:30pm
Too Early To Win Too Late To Know Summary

Yhwach finally steps through the main entrance of the Royal Palace. Accompanied by Haschwalth and Uryu, the Quincy King is preparing to advance toward the Greater Palace when they are stopped by Senjumaru Shutara of Squad Zero.

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s17e25 / The Master

30th Sep '23 - 7:00pm
The Master Summary

Yhwach escapes from the cage surrounding Squad Zero's fake Royal Palace to confront Hyosube, who is protecting the real Royal Palace.

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s17e26 / Black

30th Sep '23 - 7:30pm
Black Summary

?Yhwach performs Auswählen to bestow power to his fallen Royal Guards and activate their Voll Stern Dich forms. What follows is a fierce battle between the Royal Guards and Squad Zero.

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