Season 1

s01e00 / New Blood

10th Oct '18 - 10:00pm
New Blood Summary

Maleek meets his new partner, Wendy, for the first time.

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s01e01 / Partners

5th May '21 - 10:00pm
Partners Summary

Comedy set among the non-stop rush of life as a paramedic in London, as young Maleek struggles to get used to his new, exuberant partner Wendy.

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s01e02 / Air Ambulance

12th May '21 - 10:00pm
Air Ambulance Summary

Maleek reveals his dream of a job in the helicopter service after meeting a new
paramedic. Elsewhere, Wendy makes an (unwanted) connection of her own.

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s01e03 / Daycare

19th May '21 - 10:00pm
Daycare Summary

When Maleek bumps into old flame and single mum Nicole, Wendy sees the
chance to get them together - by looking after her son.

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s01e04 / Bike Patrol

26th May '21 - 10:00pm
Bike Patrol Summary

After their mishaps, the pair are split up as Maleek is punished with pushbike
duty, while Wendy must work under Jo's observation.

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s01e05 / Siren Song

2nd Jun '21 - 10:00pm
Siren Song Summary

After discovering Maleek is a talented but reluctant singer, Wendy tries to
encourage him. Kareshma resorts to desperate measures to get rid of Gary.

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s01e06 / Childbirth

9th Jun '21 - 10:00pm
Childbirth Summary

With the partnership in tatters, Maleek and Wendy are forced to deliver a baby
together on the underground.

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