Bob's Burgers
Season 5

s05e01 / Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

5th Oct '14 - 11:30pm
Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl

When Gene's "Die Hard"-inspired musical doesn't get picked for the school's fall performance, he decides to stage an underground show with the help of Louise. But Wagstaff Middle School families begin to feud when they learn that Eugene has planned his show on the very same night as Courtney's school-sanctioned "Working Girl"-inspired musical.

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s05e02 / Tina and the Real Ghost

3rd Nov '14 - 1:30am
Tina and the Real Ghost

Tina begins an out-of-this-world romance with a ghost that is believed to be living in the Belcher's basement.

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s05e03 / Friends with Burger-fits

17th Nov '14 - 1:30am
Friends with Burger-fits

Bob becomes Teddy's workout buddy after finding out his burgers contributed to Teddy's bad health. The two enroll in a stuntman boot camp where their friendship is put to the test. Meanwhile, the kids make an ice rink in the freezer, with Linda running their underground ice wrestling league.

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s05e04 / Dawn of the Peck

24th Nov '14 - 1:30am
Dawn of the Peck

While Bob is boycotting the holiday, Linda and the kids spend Thanksgiving at the First Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival. However, a wild bird attack leads to total mayhem.

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s05e05 / Best Burger

1st Dec '14 - 1:30am
Best Burger

Bob enters a burger-tasting contest, only to discover that his distinguishing ingredient is missing! To help out their dad, the kids go on a mission to find the ever-so-important black garlic.

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s05e06 / Father of the Bob

8th Dec '14 - 1:30am
Father of the Bob

Bob's Dad invites the family to his Christmas party, meaning Bob has to enter his father's diner for the first time in 20 years. The kids compete for the best home-made gift and the 'mistle-tony' award.

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s05e07 / Tina Tailor Soldier Spy

15th Dec '14 - 1:30am
Tina Tailor Soldier Spy

Tina goes undercover in her old Thundergirls troop to find the mole who is giving away their cookie secrets. Meanwhile, Linda dyes her hair blonde.

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s05e08 / Midday Run

5th Jan '15 - 1:30am
Midday Run

When Tina is up for a big hall monitor promotion, she is determined to do whatever it takes to nab the powerful job. So, she enlists the help of Gene and Louise. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Linda gets artsy and begins to decorate the walls with customer artwork... on napkins.

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s05e09 / Speakeasy Rider

12th Jan '15 - 1:30am
Speakeasy Rider

Tina, Gene and Louise are ready to put the pedal to the metal when they join a go-kart league. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant Bob and Teddy partner up to serve Teddy's home-brewed beer on the sly.

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s05e10 / Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

26th Jan '15 - 1:30am
Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise

In order to become an accepted member of the Community Garden, Bob must make a deal that results in giving Louise's enemy a job at the restaurant. Father and daughter are at odds and a choice must be made.

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s05e11 / Can't Buy Me Math

9th Feb '15 - 1:30am
Can't Buy Me Math

Tina teams up with Darryl to win the Cupid's Couple contest at the school dance. Meanwhile, Linda plans a full week of ambitious Valentine's Day activities for her and Bob.

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s05e12 / The Millie-churian Candidate

16th Feb '15 - 1:30am
The Millie-churian Candidate

Tina and Louise volunteer to run Jimmy Junior's class president campaign in order to keep Millie from winning, and ruining the school.

Meanwhile, Bob becomes obsessed with a knife after talking himself into buying it for 0.

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s05e13 / The Gayle Tales

2nd Mar '15 - 1:30am
The Gayle Tales

Gayle arrives at Bob's Burgers in tears because her date for the evening was cancelled and she had theater tickets. Desperate to get out of the house after being grounded, the kids compete to be Aunt Gayle's "date" for the evening via an essay contest.

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s05e14 / L'il Hard Dad

9th Mar '15 - 12:30am
L'il Hard Dad

Bob becomes obsessed with his new automatic helicopter. When it falls apart for no reason, he enters into a battle with the manufacturer in order to receive a refund. Gene assists Bob in his quest, but things quickly get out of hand and end in a crazy helicopter battle. Meanwhile, Louise and Linda help Tina prepare for her oral book report.

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s05e15 / Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting

16th Mar '15 - 12:30am
Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting

Bob and Linda head out on the town for a date - but to Linda's dismay, Bob's idea of romance proves "trivial". Meanwhile, a wild chinchilla chase ensues after the school pet that Louis was charged with watching escapes out the front door.

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s05e16 / The Runaway Club

23rd Mar '15 - 12:30am
The Runaway Club

The kids are sentenced to Saturday detention and will do anything it takes to leave early, so they can attend the Cotton Candy Festival. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda believe they are being scammed by a young girl at the restaurant.

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s05e17 / Itty Bitty Ditty Committee

27th Apr '15 - 12:30am
Itty Bitty Ditty Committee

Gene starts a band with Tina, Louise, Rudy, Peter and Daryl, only to be kicked out and left on his own. After declaring that he will never play his Casio again, Tina and Louise join forces to help Gene rediscover his love of music. Meanwhile, Linda deals with a horrible armpit rash that has everyone disgusted!

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s05e18 / Eat, Spray, Linda

4th May '15 - 12:30am
Eat, Spray, Linda

It's Linda's birthday and Bob needs more time to plan her birthday surprise. But when he sends her out of the house as a distraction, she goes missing! Mayhem ensues as the Belchers must work together to find Linda.

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s05e19 / Housetrap

11th May '15 - 12:30am

In true Belcher fashion, the family gets stuck in a terrible storm while vacationing at a beach house in Craggy Neck. The storm is the least of their worries, however, when they are forced to take shelter with the mysterious owner of the home.

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s05e20 / Hawk & Chick

18th May '15 - 12:00am
Hawk & Chick

Bob and Linda are thrilled when they meet Hawk, the star of their favorite martial arts series, and are quick to offer help upon learning about his family troubles.

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s05e21 / The Oeder Games

18th May '15 - 12:30am
The Oeder Games

With the threat of a rent increase on Ocean Avenue, Bob and the other tenants organize a rent strike only to discover they will have to compete with each other on the grounds of Mr. Fischoeder's estate in order to keep their rents reasonable.

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