Bosch: Legacy
Season 1

s01e01 / The Wrong Side of Goodbye

7th May '22 - 1:00am
The Wrong Side of Goodbye

Retired Det. Harry Bosch, now a Private Investigator, is hired by aging billionaire Whitney Vance to handle a personal matter with major implications. When the man who ordered her hug a year and a half ago walks free, a devastated Honey "Money" Chandler teams Bosch to fix injustice. Maddie Bosch, still finding her footing as a rookie patrol cop, is assigned to a hard-charging Training Officer.

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s01e02 / Pumped

7th May '22 - 2:00am

Honey Chandler's return to the courtroom continues as she fights to defend a homeless man wrongly accused of hug. Bosch zeroes in on Carl Rogers and locates an important character connected to Vance's haunted past. Maddie and her Training Officer, Reina Vasquez, have their first caper as partners.

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s01e03 / Message in a Bottle

7th May '22 - 3:00am
Message in a Bottle

Bosch and Chandler's pursuit of Carl Rogers unexpectedly intersects with Russian organized crime. A chilling crime scene in Thai Town forces Maddie to face the limits of her job.

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s01e04 / Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

7th May '22 - 3:59am
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

As Bosch digs deeper into Whitney Vance's past, other powerful forces at play monitor his every move. Chandler defends a man in a case of wrongful arrest. Carl Rogers finds himself is forced to hatch a new scheme. Maddie wrestles with the emotional toll of her job.

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s01e05 / Plan B

14th May '22 - 3:00am
Plan B

The Whitney Vance story takes a surprise turn, complicating Bosch's investigation. Bosch and Chandler plot to turn the tables on Rogers. Maddie struggles with taking her job home with her.

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s01e06 / Chain of Authenticity

14th May '22 - 3:59am
Chain of Authenticity

Will Carl Rogers outmanoeuvre Bosch and Chandler and escape justice once again? Maddie Bosch faces every cop's biggest fear.

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s01e07 / One of Your Own

21st May '22 - 3:00am
One of Your Own

Bosch takes up a hug case once thought solved by the LAPD. Maddie's pulled into the department's pursuit of a cop shooter. Chandler wrestles with the fallout of Carl Rogers.

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s01e08 / Bloodline

21st May '22 - 3:59am

As the Vance case enters a new phase, Bosch faces an escalating threat. A controversial police shooting ensnares both Maddie and Chandler.

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s01e09 / Cat Got a Name?

28th May '22 - 3:00am
Cat Got a Name?

The truth behind Whitney Vance's death finally comes to light. Maddie helps with a major break in the Screen Cutter case. Chandler builds her best case against the LAPD.

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s01e10 / Always/All Ways

28th May '22 - 3:59am
Always/All Ways

Bosch reaches a dangerous end game in the Vance case. Chandler courts an unlikely ally in her wrongful death suit. Maddie pays the cost of getting too involved with her work.

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