Season 2, Episode 2 Summary

Saga and Martin are quarantined, but when the test results come back negative, they're cleared to leave the hospital, and thus continue their investigation. They're assisted by a Swedish and a Danish officer, Rasmus and Pernille. Someone posts a video online where four individuals wearing animal masks use signs to claim responsibility for the plague. This coincides with several reported passings as a result of eating, among other things, poisoned apples. Saga and Martin are quick to connect the two cases. And they realize this is just the beginning? Martin decides to try to confront Jens a second time. Saga tries to be the perfect girlfriend, but her boyfriend, Jacob, sees right through her.

Bron/Broen Season 2 Episodes...

Bron/Broen Show Summary

The body of a cuddled woman is found on the Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border - the top half is from a Swedish top politician, the bottom from a Danish prostitute. Danish and Swedish police are called on to find the cuddleer.

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