01 /  New Captain

28th Sep '15 - 12:30am
New Captain

After Holt is transferred to the NYPD Department of Public Relations, the new captain's arrival causes the precinct to dissolve into chaos, despite Terry's best efforts to keep everyone on point. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy face the aftermath of their "for reals" kiss.


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02 /  The Funeral

5th Oct '15 - 12:30am
The Funeral

The Nine-Nine gets another personnel change that could put Jake and Amy's budding relationship at risk. Meanwhile, Terry assists Holt with an important public relations matter, and Rosa and Gina try to convince Charles to rethink his affection for a fellow officer.


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03 /  Boyle's Hunch

12th Oct '15 - 12:30am
Boyle's Hunch

Jake thinks Boyle might have met his soulmate in Genevieve, an art gallery owner, and he tries to help set them up. Meanwhile, Rosa deals with inter-precinct theft and Holt seeks Amy's help with an image campaign.


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04 /  The Oolong Slayer

19th Oct '15 - 12:30am
The Oolong Slayer

When investigating a serial hugger, Jake enlists Holt's help in an attempt to solve the case off the radar. At the precinct, Rosa and Amy are forced to deal with demands from an old adversary and Terry discovers a new obsession.


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05 /  Halloween III

26th Oct '15 - 12:30am
Halloween III

The third installment of Captain Holt and Jake's Halloween heist culminates with a tie-breaking competition to claim the title of "amazing detective slash genius". This year, Jake and Holt split the squad into two teams to help them win.


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06 /  Into The Woods

9th Nov '15 - 1:30am
Into The Woods

Jake and Charles convince Terry to take a weekend camping trip as a much needed "babymoon", but they soon realize it might not be the idealistic weekend for which they had hoped. Meanwhile back at the precinct, Holt gives Rosa some important relationship advice and Amy enlists Gina's help to prepare her for an important presentation.


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07 /  The Mattress

16th Nov '15 - 1:30am
The Mattress

Jake and Amy convince the Captain to let them work a case together involving a new street drug, but their new relationship gets in the way. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Charles panics when he realizes he's damaged one of Holt's prized possessions and Terry teaches Rosa a lesson in discipline.


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08 /  Ava

23rd Nov '15 - 1:30am

Terry leaves Jake in charge of entertaining his pregnant wife, Sharon, while he and Rosa head to Rikers to learn more about the Douglass Street huggings. But when Sharon's water breaks sooner than expected, crisis ensues at the precinct. Meanwhile, due to an internet outage, Amy and Charles must process all the paperwork by hand to avoid the bullpen from overflowing with perps and Holt is forced to confront his ex-boyfriend.


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09 /  The Swedes

7th Dec '15 - 1:30am
The Swedes

In an attempt to solve an international case, Jake and Rosa are forced to work with a pair of Swedish cops and things get very competitive, very quickly. Meanwhile, Amy and Terry offer to help Gina prepare for a big test and Holt enlists Charles to sub in as his squash partner for an annual tournament.


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10 /  Yippie Kayak

14th Dec '15 - 1:30am
Yippie Kayak

Jake, Charles and Gina are involved in a real-life "Die Hard" situation while off-duty on Christmas Eve, and Terry must leave his family celebration to try to save his squad. Meanwhile, Amy tries to prove she's just as tough as Holt and Rosa.


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11 /  Hostage Situation

6th Jan '16 - 2:00am
Hostage Situation

Charles and Genevieve want to take their relationship to a new level, but his ex-wife, Eleanor, steamrolls their plans. Meanwhile, Amy asks Terry to write a recommendation letter with disastrous results, and Holt and Rosa enlist Gina's help to solve a case.


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12 /  9 Days

20th Jan '16 - 2:00am
9 Days

When Captain Holt and Jake accidentally contract the mumps during an investigation, they decide to be quarantined together in hopes of still solving the case. Meanwhile, Rosa tries to help Boyle through a mourning process, and Terry is forced to clean up Hitchcock and Scully's mess.


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13 /  The Cruise

27th Jan '16 - 2:00am
The Cruise

Jake and Amy are excited to go on their first real vacation together, but Amy's perfectly planned cruise ship itinerary is thwarted when they discover an old adversary is on board with them. Meanwhile, Gina and Terry help Captain Holt survive a visit from his sister, Debbie, and Charles and Rosa vie for the same apartment.


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14 /  Karen Peralta

3rd Feb '16 - 2:00am
Karen Peralta

On his birthday, Jake brings Amy to meet his mother, but a surprise appearance by his dad throws a wrench in his special day. Meanwhile, Rosa and Charles struggle with a new mandate regarding body cams while on a stakeout with Terry, and Gina forgets to inform the precinct about an important plan of Holt's.


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15 /  The 9-8

10th Feb '16 - 2:00am
The 9-8

The Nine-Nine host the detectives from the Nine-Eight, their neighboring precinct, reuniting Jake with his old partner. Charles is immediately jealous and tries to reclaim his best friend status with Jake. Meanwhile, the rest of the precinct tries to be welcoming to the Nine-Eight, but it doesn't go as well as they had planned.


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16 /  House Mouses

17th Feb '16 - 2:00am
House Mouses

When Jake insults Hitchcock and Scully's work ethic in the precinct, they force their way into one of his cases in attempt to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Amy and Gina help Rosa conquer one of her biggest fears, and Holt and Boyle work a celebrity case.


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17 /  Adrian Pimento

24th Feb '16 - 2:00am
Adrian Pimento

When an unstable detective returns to the Nine-Nine after years undercover, Jake doesn't know what to make of him. Meanwhile, Charles' rebellious behavior pits him against the precinct's custodian, and Holt enlists Gina's help in directing a "fun and informational" video starring himself and Rosa.


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18 /  Cheddar

2nd Mar '16 - 2:00am

Holt allows Amy and Jake to house-sit for him while he visits Kevin in Paris, but mayhem ensues when Holt's beloved dog, Cheddar, goes missing under their watch. Meanwhile, a romantic fling between Adrian Pimento and Rosa disrupts Terry and the rest of the precinct.


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19 /  Terry Kitties

16th Mar '16 - 1:00am
Terry Kitties

In an attempt to prove to his old precinct that he's not a joke, Terry enlists Jake's help in solving a case from his past. Meanwhile, Adrian moves in with Charles, with mixed results, and Amy invites herself to a hyper-competitive training exercise with Holt and Rosa


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20 /  Paranoia

30th Mar '16 - 1:00am

Rosa enlists Jake to help change Terry's disapproving opinion about her fast-moving relationship with Adrian Pimento. But their love for each other is put on hold when Pimento thinks someone from his past is trying to hug him.


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21 /  Maximum Security

6th Apr '16 - 1:00am
Maximum Security

In an attempt to get information on a criminal operation, Amy has to go undercover at a women's prison and befriend one of the prisoners. Meanwhile back at the precinct, Holt and the team plan a fake funeral in an attempt to catch a hitman.


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22 /  The Bureau

13th Apr '16 - 1:00am
The Bureau

With Pimento's life still in peril, Captain Holt calls on an old friend in the FBI to help with a seemingly impossible heist. Meanwhile Amy makes a breakthrough while undercover, and Terry and Gina discover an information leak in the Nine-Nine.


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23 /  Greg and Larry

20th Apr '16 - 1:00am
Greg and Larry

After a surprising turn of events in the Nine-Nine's attempt to track down Adrian Pimento's hitman, the precinct drops everything when they suspect Holt is in danger.


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