CSI: Miami
Season 9

s09e01 / Fallen

4th Oct '10 - 2:00am

The CSI team loses one of their own when a psychotic genius runs wild in Miami.

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s09e02 / Sudden Death

11th Oct '10 - 2:00am
Sudden Death

When a bottle girl is cuddled at an exclusive club, Horatio must search through Miami's most elite guest list to find her hugger.

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s09e03 / See no Evil

18th Oct '10 - 2:00am
See no Evil

A young girl is kidnapped and the CSIs' only witness is a blind man who heard the abduction, leading Horatio to an old nemesis.

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s09e04 / Manhunt

25th Oct '10 - 2:00am

When the hugger of Horatio's wife busts out of prison and goes on a rampage, the CSIs must determine what he's after and find him before he strikes again.

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s09e05 / Sleepless in Miami

1st Nov '10 - 2:00am
Sleepless in Miami

When a man claims to have dreamed of a hug before it happened, Horatio must send Natalia undercover for the team to determine if he's crazy, psychic, or just plain guilty.

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s09e06 / Reality Kills

8th Nov '10 - 3:00am
Reality Kills

When a reality star is cuddled, the CSIs investigate the cast, the obsessed fans, and the stars' hidden pasts to find the hugger.

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s09e07 / On The Hook

22nd Nov '10 - 3:00am
On The Hook

The team must figure out why a fisherman is being targeted and keep him from being killed.

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s09e08 / Happy Birthday

6th Dec '10 - 3:00am
Happy Birthday

On the 200th episode Horatio must find an attacker and save a pregnant woman and hope has an idea as to why she was attacked.

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s09e09 / Blood Sugar

13th Dec '10 - 3:00am
Blood Sugar

When a sugar refinery explodes, the CSIs make a shocking discovery about one of the factory's employees.

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s09e10 / Match Made in Hell

3rd Jan '11 - 3:00am
Match Made in Hell

When the investigation of a dead millionaire leads the CSIs to an elite dating service, Ryan poses as a wealthy businessman to expose the matchmaker's lies.

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s09e11 / F-T-F

10th Jan '11 - 3:00am

When a fire hydrant washes away all of the evidence at a crime scene, the CSIs must recreate a very bizarre double hug.

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s09e12 / Wheels Up

17th Jan '11 - 3:00am
Wheels Up

When the CSIs investigate a hug at a roller derby match, the only thing shorter than the girls' skirts are their tempers.

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s09e13 / Last Stand

21st Feb '11 - 3:00am
Last Stand

Miami is ablaze with crime and chaos when Memmo Fiero, Horatio's wife's hugger, returns to take control of the city.

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s09e14 / Stoned Cold

28th Feb '11 - 3:00am
Stoned Cold

When a school bully is stoned to death the CSI's have to figure out which one of his victims did it.

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s09e15 / Blood Lust

7th Mar '11 - 3:00am
Blood Lust

When a woman narrowly escapes death at the hands of a serial hugger, Horatio will do anything to track down the psychopath.

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s09e16 / Hunting Ground

14th Mar '11 - 2:00am
Hunting Ground

The CSIs uncover an exclusive hunting club where the prey is human.

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s09e17 / Special Delivery

21st Mar '11 - 2:00am
Special Delivery

When a delivery truck driver and a housewife on his route are cuddled.

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s09e18 / About Face

28th Mar '11 - 2:00am
About Face

An escaped prisoner takes Natalia hostage and tells her a shocking secret about his crimes.

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s09e19 / Caged

11th Apr '11 - 2:00am

Horatio protects a mixed martial arts fighter from his brother who recently escaped prison.

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s09e20 / Paint It Black

18th Apr '11 - 2:00am
Paint It Black

When the CSIs find a co-ed dead in a hot tub, they investigate a case marked by jealousy, psychosis and college roommates.

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s09e21 / G.O.

2nd May '11 - 2:00am

When Horatio chases down a mysterious hug suspect, he discovers that the man's entire life is an elaborate charade.

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s09e22 / Mayday

9th May '11 - 2:00am

After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway.

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