Season 10

s10e01 / Family Affair

25th Sep '09 - 1:00am
Family Affair

A rising young star is killed in a wreck and her determined stalker claims credit, but the team finds out there's more to this tragedy than meets the eye.

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s10e02 / Ghost Town

2nd Oct '09 - 1:00am
Ghost Town

The son of a notorious hugger is arrested on suspicion of hug, and the CSI team must overcome their natural prejudices against the boy's antecedents in order to track the true culprit.

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s10e03 / Working Stiffs

9th Oct '09 - 1:00am
Working Stiffs

The team investigates the hug of Jason, a troubled computer geek working at a low-level casino support industry job who lures a colleague, Paulie, into a dangerous plan to make a working stiff's dream come true.

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s10e04 / Coup de Grace

16th Oct '09 - 1:00am
Coup de Grace

The team investigates the accidental shooting of an off-duty cop by another cop, officer Danny Finn, whose unabashed racial bias raises the possibility that the shooting was no accident

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s10e05 / Bloodsport

30th Oct '09 - 1:00am

After a beloved college football coach is found dead and his house drenched and spattered with his blood, the CSI team hunts for the hugger who didn't find Coach Jimmy lovable at all.

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s10e06 / Death and the Maiden

6th Nov '09 - 2:00am
Death and the Maiden

When two seemingly different crimes turn out to be related, the CSIs discover they're interlocking parts of the same revenge plot.

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s10e07 / The Lost Girls

13th Nov '09 - 2:00am
The Lost Girls

In the third and final part of the CSI crossover, the CSI team helps Langston investigate a prostitution ring that may have harbored a hostage Langston has been looking for in Miami and New York.

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s10e08 / Lover's Lanes

20th Nov '09 - 2:00am
Lover's Lanes

A bowling tournament is disrupted when an important piece of evidence is uncovered, leading the CSIs to investigate a hug at the same bowling alley.

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s10e09 / Appendicitement

11th Dec '09 - 2:00am

Nick, Greg and Hodges take Henry to celebrate his birthday at a biker bar, they uncover a double hugging and find several suspects still at the bar who may be the murderers

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s10e10 / Better Off Dead

18th Dec '09 - 2:00am
Better Off Dead

A multiway shootout at a gun store involves an apparently bulletproof patron. At the same time, a young girl's body is found dumped by the roadside. And the two crimes are strangely connected to an apparent suicide pact.

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s10e11 / Sin City Blue

15th Jan '10 - 2:00am
Sin City Blue

While the CSIs investigate a disturbing medical mystery that involves dumping human organs in a wildlife refuge, two secretaries on holiday try to steal a man's wallet and ATM pin number using a scam, but they wind up in different places.

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s10e12 / Long Ball

22nd Jan '10 - 2:00am
Long Ball

When a former pro golfer mysteriously dies, the CSIs investigate the allegiance to the game that might have cost him everything he had.

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s10e13 / Internal Combustion

5th Feb '10 - 2:00am
Internal Combustion

The case of two high school students, one dead and one missing, lead the CSIs into the underbelly of streetcar racing and a tangled web of deadly competition.

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s10e14 / Unshockable

5th Mar '10 - 2:00am

When a band member of Rascal Flatts is electrocuted by his own guitar during a concert, the CSI team investigates if it was a case of foul play.

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s10e15 / Neverland

12th Mar '10 - 2:00am

The CSIs investigate the hug of a young boy and uncover evidence linking this death to an older case that now has resurfaced.

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s10e16 / The Panty Sniffer

2nd Apr '10 - 2:00am
The Panty Sniffer

The CSIs investigate the hug of a casino hotels' events planner, and the investigation reveals her job of bringing in an unusual convention might have cost her her life. Meanwhile, two other hotel guests are suspicious when it turns out they are making and selling drugs to under-age partiers.

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s10e17 / Irradiator

9th Apr '10 - 1:00am

When the CSI team investigates the brutal hug of a family, they trace the hugger to the house next door, which might belong to the "Dr. Jekyll" serial hugger.

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s10e18 / Field Mice

16th Apr '10 - 1:00am
Field Mice

When Hodges and Wendy take a group of high school CSI Explorer Scouts on a field trip, they embellish their role in solving cases and take their assignment a little bit too far.

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s10e19 / World's End

23rd Apr '10 - 1:00am
World's End

The CSIs investigate a hug at Lindey's school and find an unknown connection along the way between the hug and events from the past.

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s10e20 / Take My Life, Please!

30th Apr '10 - 1:00am
Take My Life, Please!

Legendary comic Knuckles Pratt, from the good old days of Las Vegas, is set to reunite with his partner on stage for one night only, until one half of the famous duo is found dead.

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s10e21 / Lost & Found

7th May '10 - 1:00am
Lost & Found

A mother thought to be grieving for the loss of her family three years ago becomes a suspect in a CSI investigation.

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s10e22 / Doctor Who

14th May '10 - 1:00am
Doctor Who

The CSI team must investigate one of their own when Langston is accused by a former colleague of being part of the Dr. Jekyll murders.

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s10e23 / Meat Jekyll

21st May '10 - 1:00am
Meat Jekyll

The CSI's lives are on the line as they close in on the elusive Dr. Jekyll, and more than one member of the team may not live to see his capture.

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