Cable Girls
Season 1

s01e01 / Chapter 1: Dreams

29th Apr '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 1: Dreams

Lidia is used to being a thief, but now she must steal in order to save her life. Different hopes propel each of the women into the workplace.

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s01e02 / Chapter 2: Memories

30th Apr '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 2: Memories

Francisco offers Lidia a deal. Marga worries about what she saw at the party. Carlota's father interferes with her life.

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s01e03 / Chapter 3: Lies

1st May '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 3: Lies

The police are called in when Lidia's identity is questioned. Francisco's wife is suspicious and asks Carolina for help.

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s01e04 / Chapter 4: Feelings

2nd May '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 4: Feelings

Marga makes a lunch date with Pablo. Ángeles learns more about Mario's infidelity. Carlota's fantasies surprise her.

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s01e05 / Chapter 5: The Past

3rd May '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 5: The Past

Carolina threatens to reveal who Lidia really is. Miguel tells Carlota she must decide about their relationship. Everything changes for Ángeles.

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s01e06 / Chapter 6: Family

29th Apr '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 6: Family

Lidia helps Ángeles plan her escape. Carlota works to get Sara released from jail. Carlos fights with his father.

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s01e07 / Chapter 7: Loss

4th May '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 7: Loss

The Cifuentes family mourns their loss. Lidia decides she should be honest with Carlos about her identity.

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s01e08 / Chapter 8: Love

5th May '17 - 3:59am
Chapter 8: Love

The new rotary technology divides Lidia's loyalties, and she is forced to choose between Carlos and her friends.

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