S03E05 Series 3, Episode 5 Summary

Rob returns to his job at Braeband stating he is just back from 'holiday in Canada', while bad news pulls Sharon back to Ireland. With Sharon away, and left home alone to look after the children, Rob's life continues to spiral out of control. Unhappy with the situation at his family home Chris decides, in typical style, to confront his nemesis.

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Catastrophe Show Summary

A comedy following an Irish woman and an American man who make a bloody mess as they struggle to fall in love in London.

Clumsy lust, instant pregnancy, and genuine disaster provide the foundation for this flaming hovel of a relationship.

In a mess of events always in danger of slipping out of their grasp, Rob and Sharon must also learn to deal with her largely awful friend; his eccentric Bostonian mother; and attempt to navigate the choppy waters of their ever-more-complicating lives.

Can Sharon, "an extraordinarily good-smelling woman" and Rob, "a sturdy love-maker" steer through the increasingly thorny situations they find themselves in and still find time for an emergency shag in a stairwell? Prepare to find out.

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