Season 5

s05e01 / The Proposal

26th Sep '86 - 1:00am
The Proposal

We finally found out who Sam's telephone proposal at the end of the last episode was to - Diane! But Diane fears that Sam is meerely on the rebound after breaking up with Janet, so asks him to repeat the proposal in a more romantic occasion, but when he does (on a boat), she refuses, causing Sam to make her walk the plank. Later Diane says she does want to get married, but Sam has now retracted the proposal.

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s05e02 / The Cape Cad

3rd Oct '86 - 1:00am
The Cape Cad

Since Diane said no to his wedding proposal once too often, Sam says he will never ask her again. He brags that he has set up a romantic weekend with another woman at Cape Cod, which entices Diane to follow him. Although alone, Sam won't mention that his date has returned home early.

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s05e03 / Money Dearest

10th Oct '86 - 1:00am
Money Dearest

Cliff makes plans of becoming a rich man someday by introducing his mom to a rich bar patron. But the man explains that when he dies, he's leaving all his money to charity.

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s05e04 / Abnormal Psychology

17th Oct '86 - 1:00am
Abnormal Psychology

Diane helps Frasier and Dr. Lillith Sternin get together after noticing a chemistry between the two. Meanwhile, Woody invites Norm and Cliff to a fishing trip, which they reluctantly attend.

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s05e05 / House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick

31st Oct '86 - 2:00am
House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick

Carla buys a new house and later discovers it is on top of a 17th century prison graveyard. So Cliff is recruited to spend the night there to prove there is nothing to fear.

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s05e06 / Tan N' Wash

7th Nov '86 - 2:00am
Tan N' Wash

The gang insists on getting in on Norm's new business investment then complains bitterly when it looks like a washout.

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s05e07 / Young Dr. Weinstein

14th Nov '86 - 2:00am
Young Dr. Weinstein

Woody becomes obsessed with creating a new drink. After many failures he hits a tasty new concoction... now if he can only remember the ingredients. Meanwhile, Diane and her new beau have reservations at a new "in spot" of Boston, named The Cafe. Sam believes he should bring his latest date there also.

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s05e08 / Knights of the Scimitar

21st Nov '86 - 2:00am
Knights of the Scimitar

Sam becomes jealous when Diane announces that she has been doing some part-time teaching and one of her students is in love with her. Also, Cliff wants to join the Knights of the Scimitar, an exclusive lodge. He also wants the gang to join but only Norm agrees, in hopes of making new business contacts. But a rule will keep him from doing so.

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s05e09 / Thanksgiving Orphans

28th Nov '86 - 2:00am
Thanksgiving Orphans

Diane invites everyone to Carla's home for a Thanksgiving dinner, only to wind up with a frozen turkey and burnt peas as their meal.

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s05e10 / Everyone Imitates Art

5th Dec '86 - 2:00am
Everyone Imitates Art

Diane receives a rejection letter from a literary magazine, touting her work as promising. Sam believes that he would receive the same letter if he sent a poem in to the same magazine. But when his work is accepted, Diane goes all-out to prove his poem was plagiarized.

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s05e11 / The Book of Samuel

12th Dec '86 - 2:00am
The Book of Samuel

After receiving a "Dear John" letter from Beth in the mail, Woody searches through Sam's legendary black book to find a woman to show off as his date.

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s05e12 / Dance, Diane, Dance

19th Dec '86 - 2:00am
Dance, Diane, Dance

Diane announces that she has been taking ballet lessons at a community college class with the world renowned Madame Lihkova. She must submit a video tape for her final exam, which the gang get a hold of and its harsh critiques. Frasier rewrites the message to something positive, which swells her head to the point of wanting to audition for the Boston Ballet.

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s05e13 / Chambers vs Malone

9th Jan '87 - 2:00am
Chambers vs Malone

Sam proposes to Diane again and ends up charged with assault and battery when she turns him down again.

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s05e14 / Diamond Sam

16th Jan '87 - 2:00am
Diamond Sam

Sam finds himself in a bind when Diane falls in love with an engagement ring costing ,200. Norm suggest using his friend to make a fake ring for a fraction of the cost. But the pressure is too much for Sam and he buys the expensive ring, switching it before Diane finds out. After revealing his secret, Diane becomes so upset that she tosses the ring out the window... unaware that it's the real ring.

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s05e15 / Spellbound

23rd Jan '87 - 2:00am

When Loretta catches Nick cheating on her, Diane and Carla come to her side for comfort. But when Sam stands up to Nick, he believes that Sam and Loretta are now a couple and vows to steal Diane away from him. Meanwhile, Frasier struggles in a game of chess against Woody.

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s05e16 / Never Love a Goalie (1)

30th Jan '87 - 2:00am
Never Love a Goalie (1)

Eddie Lebec, a recent addition to the Boston Bruins hockey club, falls for Carla. Meanwhile, Diane is named foreman of a hug trial and is sworn to secrecy, but spills the beans to anyone who will listen.

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s05e17 / Never Love a Goalie (2)

6th Feb '87 - 2:00am
Never Love a Goalie (2)

Eddie was the hottest goalie in hockey until he and Carla became an item. Meanwhile, the defendant in Diane's hug trial shows up at the bar.

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s05e18 / One Last Fling

13th Feb '87 - 2:00am
One Last Fling

Sam and Diane decide to allow each other one last fling for 24 hours before their wedding day, but neither take advantage of the situation.

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s05e19 / Dog Bites Cliff

19th Feb '87 - 2:00am
Dog Bites Cliff

Diane asks for some time away to visit a Buddhist monastery to get her life straightened out. Meanwhile, Cliff is all set to sue the owner of a dog which left him with a bite on his leg, but gets cold feet after seeing the voluptuous beauty.

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s05e20 / Dinner at Eight-ish

27th Feb '87 - 2:00am
Dinner at Eight-ish

Frasier and Lilith invite Sam and Diane over for dinner to celebrate their first week of cohabitation. But things start going wrong when Lilith finds out Frasier and Diane were engaged, and she locks herself in the bathroom. Then Sam and Diane have an argument as well. Meanwhile Cliff agrees to babysit Carla's kids.

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s05e21 / Simon Says

6th Mar '87 - 2:00am
Simon Says

Diane badgers a noted British marriage counselor into seeing her and Sam for a pre-nuptial session, then refuses to heed his advice.

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s05e22 / The Godfather, Part III

20th Mar '87 - 2:00am
The Godfather, Part III

Sam's goddaughter Joyce Pantusso (the late Coach's niece) has come to Boston for a visit. Not wanting her to get into trouble, Sam asks Woody to help her out and show her around - but Woody and Joyce have a surprise for Sam when they get engaged!

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s05e23 / Norm's First Hurrah

27th Mar '87 - 2:00am
Norm's First Hurrah

Norm lands a job at a prestigious Boston CPA firm, but overdoes his importance to the firm with the gang. So when they come to surprise him at work he becomes caught in a lie. Meanwhile, Woody loses a bill and Cliff just happens to have found one.

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s05e24 / Cheers: The Motion Picture

3rd Apr '87 - 2:00am
Cheers: The Motion Picture

Woody finds out that his parents fear his safety in Boston and ask him to return to Indiana. So the gang decide to film a short movie showing the life that he leads each day in hopes of changing their minds.

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s05e25 / A House is Not a Home

1st May '87 - 1:00am
A House is Not a Home

Sam and Diane find their dream house, but after hearing the story of the elderly couple who live there now, Diane doesn't have the heart to move in.

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s05e26 / I Do and Adieu

8th May '87 - 1:00am
I Do and Adieu

Sam and Diane's wedding day has finally arrived, as has Dr. Sumner Sloane, along with the news that a producer is interested in one of her manuscripts, but needs to make some changes immediately.

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