Chicago Fire
Season 8

s08e01 / Sacred Ground

26th Sep '19 - 1:00am
Sacred Ground

The mattress factory fire spirals out of control. Truck and squad lay it on the line in hopes of getting the trapped victims out alive.

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s08e02 / A Real Shot in the Arm

3rd Oct '19 - 1:00am
A Real Shot in the Arm

Lt. Casey struggles to get Chief Boden to sign off on an energetic new recruit. Against her better judgment, Foster extends an olive branch to her irritating new medic. Otis inspires Herrmann to seek new partners at Molly's. Brett realizes life in Fowlerton will take some getting used to.

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s08e03 / Badlands

10th Oct '19 - 1:00am

Brett and Foster question the suspicious circumstances surrounding an attack at a juvenile detention center. A convoluted new technology at Firehouse 51 tests everybody's patience. Kidd is chosen to represent the district at a leadership conference.

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s08e04 / Infection (1)

17th Oct '19 - 1:00am
Infection (1)

A rare but deadly bacteria takes its toll on numerous victims around the city, leaving Chicago's finest first responders to work together alongside the CDC to resolve the dangerous situation. Following a fire at a local university that ties into the outbreak, Severide has suspicions that something bigger is happening.

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s08e05 / Buckle Up

24th Oct '19 - 1:00am
Buckle Up

Kidd must prove herself at the National Firefighter Leadership Conference while the rest of Firehouse 51 is called to two eerily similar car wrecks. Mouch tries to keep everyone in the firehouse informed by starting a newsletter, but things quickly get out of hand. Cruz deals with a heartbreak.

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s08e06 / What Went Wrong

31st Oct '19 - 1:00am
What Went Wrong

Cruz and Severide suspect foul play when a fire started by an elderly woman turns deadly. Kidd, Foster and Brett create a women's-only lounge. Firehouse 51 celebrates some good news.

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s08e07 / Welcome to Crazytown

7th Nov '19 - 2:00am
Welcome to Crazytown

Severide must make a tough decision about the future of his career at Firehouse 51. Herrmann deals with the consequences of his temper. Cruz is excited to demonstrate the Slamigan at the Firefighting Expo. Commissioner Grissom returns.

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s08e08 / Seeing Is Believing

14th Nov '19 - 2:00am
Seeing Is Believing

Severide starts off on the wrong foot at his Office of Fire Investigation assignment when, despite orders, he reopens an old case. Herrmann is on a mission to discover what caused an apartment fire. Kidd finds herself burning the candle at both ends.

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s08e09 / Best Friend Magic

21st Nov '19 - 2:00am
Best Friend Magic

An unexpected visit throws Casey for a loop. Severide sets out to exonerate a wrongly convicted arsonist. Kidd pays the price for burning the candle at both ends. Cruz goes on a mission to fix one of Otis's old toys.

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s08e10 / Hold Our Ground

9th Jan '20 - 2:00am
Hold Our Ground

Members of Firehouse 51 are dismayed to learn their boundaries have been redrawn to overlap with an adjacent station, and problems quickly arise. Casey and Gallo hunt a missing piece of equipment. Brett and Foster find themselves at odds.

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s08e11 / Where We End Up

16th Jan '20 - 2:00am
Where We End Up

A pest control problem forces the 51 team to temporarily bunk with Firehouse 20. All under the same roof, Casey clashes with Capt. Delaney, while Foster, Kidd and Brett fear Capt. Leone has it out for them. Boden mulls a procedural overhaul.

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s08e12 / Then Nick Porter Happened

23rd Jan '20 - 2:00am
Then Nick Porter Happened

A series of false alarms at a private school hinders 51's ability to respond to legitimate emergencies. Kidd asks for ideas to surprise Severide on his birthday. Cruz and Brett rent out their extra room but get more than they bargained for.

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s08e13 / A Chicago Welcome

6th Feb '20 - 2:00am
A Chicago Welcome

The surprising arrival of a new fire truck brings both joy and chaos to members of Firehouse 51. Boden and Severide are asked to make peace with an old foe for the greater good. Brett receives family news while Foster plans a party with friends.

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s08e14 / Shut It Down

13th Feb '20 - 2:00am
Shut It Down

A series of mysterious gas leaks has members of Firehouse 51 puzzled and spread thin. Brett's conflicted when her birth mother gets serious about finding her. Severide misunderstands his role as Cruz's best man. Mouch bites off more than he can chew.

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s08e15 / Off the Grid (1)

27th Feb '20 - 2:00am
Off the Grid (1)

A series of teen opioid overdoses sees Severide partner with Sean Roman, but he begins to suspect there's more to the story than his old friend is telling him. Casey tries to be there for Brett as she considers her birth mother's offer to meet.

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s08e16 / The Tendency of a Drowning Victim

5th Mar '20 - 2:00am
The Tendency of a Drowning Victim

Boden is on edge after starting a new fad diet. Casey and Severide disagree on a call. Brett's birth mother shares life-altering news. A familiar face has a proposition for Herrmann.

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s08e17 / Protect a Child

19th Mar '20 - 1:00am
Protect a Child

Things get personal for Casey and Gallo in the aftermath of a suburban house fire involving a mother and her young son. Herrmann campaigns for more respect. Kidd has an idea for giving back to her community.

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s08e18 / I'll Cover You

26th Mar '20 - 1:00am
I'll Cover You

Severide teams up with Seager and the OFI when a motel structure fire turns suspicious. Firehouse 51 members become amateur sleuths following a Reddit post involving one of their own. Brett continues to get invested in her birth mother, Julie.

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s08e19 / Light Things Up

9th Apr '20 - 1:00am
Light Things Up

Tension builds when a group of rabble-rousers attempt to lock down the firehouse. Brett is faced with a monumental decision. Cruz readies himself for a big day. Gallo and Ritter attempt to launch Firehouse 51 into the social media age.

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s08e20 / 51's Original Bell

16th Apr '20 - 1:00am
51's Original Bell

When one of 51's own gets injured on a call, Severide becomes obsessed with helping out. Foster contemplates a big decision. Kidd is concerned for one of her high school trainees.

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