S07E01 Series 7, Episode 1 Summary

After agreeing to take things slow, Adam and his landlady Tina have rarely been apart over the past 10 months. He is keen to dive into the next phase of their relationship, but will commitment-phobe Tina commit herself? Though struggling to keep a grip on home-life, Karen is set to launch her fledgling publishing house and its debut novel, while disillusioned chauffeur Pete wants to be appreciated at home, but finds wife Jenny distracted by work and the opportunity to rise up the ranks.

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Cold Feet Show Summary

Adam Williams and Rachel Bradley start the series about a year and six or so weeks into their relationship. Jenny and Pete Gifford are a married couple that start the series with the birth of their first child. Karen and David Marsden are another married couple, they already have a child, and are thinking of having another.

The three couples end up friends after going through the 'friends of friends' process. Jenny, Pete and Adam are friends, and Adam's relationship with Rachel pulls Karen (Rachel's friend) and David (Karen's husband) into the friends relationship.