Cold Feet
Season 8

s08e01 / Series 8, Episode 1

14th Jan '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 1

Wedding bells ring for one of the gang, while Jenny and Pete can't get enough of each other, until some unexpected news sends her into a tailspin. Meanwhile, David and Karen lock horns when it comes to parenting, and Adam hears some hurtful home truths.

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s08e02 / Series 8, Episode 2

21st Jan '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 2

Adam begins a journey of self-discovery that opens his eyes, as well as his heart, while Jenny grapples with her secret, and Pete is preoccupied with helping the troubled Evan. David struggles with being a kept man since Nikki's windfall, and Karen prepares for the twins' 18th birthdays.

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s08e03 / Series 8, Episode 3

28th Jan '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 3

As the gang heads off to a music festival, Jenny is determined to make the most of it, but Pete is suspicious of her erratic behaviour. David enjoys the perks of festival life a little too much, while Adam and Karen discover that reliving their youth has its consequences.

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s08e04 / Series 8, Episode 4

4th Feb '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 4

Jenny's secret is finally out and the gang rallies round to support her, while David's situation goes from bad to worse, but he is too proud to ask for help. In a desperate attempt to prove their kiss meant nothing, Karen sets Adam up with her illustrator friend Caitlin. Starring James Nesbitt, Hermione Norris, John Thomson, Fay Ripley and Robert Bathurst, with Eve Myles and Paul Kaye.

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s08e05 / Series 8, Episode 5

11th Feb '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 5

Adam is enjoying his new relationship, but he is unable to help feeling jealous when Karen's head is turned by Dan the benevolent vicar. Jenny starts chemotherapy and gets a new lease of life when her cancer buddy Charlie encourages her to join the hospital choir, while Pete finds himself in a dilemma when Chloe - terrified her mum is going to die - asks him to formally adopt her. Homeless David takes refuge at the airport, but a chance encounter with ex-wife Robyn forces him to admit his plight.

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s08e06 / Series 8, Episode 6

18th Feb '19 - 9:00pm
Series 8, Episode 6

Adam and Karen are enjoying the excitement of their fledging relationship, but are all too aware that their secret will need to come out sometime.

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