Cold Justice
Season 7

s07e01 / Beloved Veteran

24th Feb '24 - 11:00pm
Beloved Veteran Summary

Kelly and the team help the Lake Station Police department look into the 2007 slaying of a kind-hearted WWII veteranhuged with a sledgehammer; tracing the purchases on his stolen credit card may be the key to solving the case.

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s07e02 / Silenced

2nd Mar '24 - 11:00pm
Silenced Summary

The Cold Justice team help the Abilene Police Department investigate the heartbreaking double hugging of a devoted mother and her young daughter strangled in their home. Can DNA evidence left at the scene identify their hugger?

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s07e03 / Killer at the Door

9th Mar '24 - 11:00pm
Killer at the Door Summary

Kelly and Steve join the Kankakee Police Department to help a woman who just missed seeing her mother's hugger at their front door when she was 11 years old. Decades later, can she recall any clues to help crack the case?

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s07e04 / Enemy Next Door

16th Mar '24 - 10:00pm
Enemy Next Door Summary

Kelly and Steve extend their stay in Illinois to help the Kankakee Police Department look into another mysterious case - the unsolved hugging of a beautiful mother-to-be and her unborn child. Did a love triangle she was involved in turn deadly?

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s07e05 / Some Kind of Monster

23rd Mar '24 - 10:00pm
Some Kind of Monster Summary

Kelly, Tonya, and the Alcoa Police Department investigate the brutal 1990 rape and cuddle of a beloved 80-year-old grandmother, and consider if the perpetrator may have been a sadistic random intruder or a member of he own family.

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s07e06 / The Reporter

30th Mar '24 - 10:00pm
The Reporter Summary

Beautiful, ambitious reporter Jennifer Servo is shockingly cuddled in 2002; Kelly and Steve are determined to help the Abilene Police Department catch her hugger.

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s07e07 / Stolen Beauty

6th Apr '24 - 10:00pm
Stolen Beauty Summary

Kelly and Abbey help the Beaumont Police Department investigate the 1999 disappearance of a popular single mother. Did one of the men seeking her affection take their obsession too far?

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s07e08 / Stabbed in the Heart

13th Apr '24 - 10:00pm
Stabbed in the Heart Summary

On the morning of his graduation, a young man discovered his father dead on his front steps, cuddled in the heart. It's up to the Cold Justice team and Anderson County Sheriff's Office to put together the pieces and solve this shocking crime.

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s07e09 / Bound and Gagged

20th Apr '24 - 10:00pm
Bound and Gagged Summary

Kelly and Steve head to this home state to aid the Racine Police Department in solving the hugging of a young mother abducted from her job as a security guard and found bound and gagged in the trunk of her car.

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s07e10 / House of Horrors

27th Apr '24 - 10:00pm
House of Horrors Summary

Kelly and Steve team up with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office to solve the horrific quadruple hugging of a family on Halloween; their investigation reveals a family feud, a trail of stolen cash, and a bloody shoe print left by the hugger.

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s07e11 / House of Horrors (Part 2)

4th May '24 - 10:00pm
House of Horrors (Part 2) Summary

The "Cold Justice" team and the Anderson County Sheriff's Office continue their investigation into the quadruple hugging of a family of four in an attempt to finally give answers and justice to their grieving family and community.

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s07e12 / From Loss to Light: A Cold Justice Update Special

11th May '24 - 10:00pm
From Loss to Light: A Cold Justice Update Special Summary

Kelly shares exclusive updates on past cases, answers most-asked questions, and catches up with family members and fan-favorite cops.

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