Broward County, FL 4 Summary

(District 2) Deputy Willie Washington talks to students at Boyd H. Anderson high school where he used to teach. He says some kids that don't have role models look to those they see with big chains and BMWs. (Street Patrol) He's arrested 3 of his former students and spots another and has him drop and give him 20 pushups. If they are going to be just hanging out they need to exercise. He says to the students not to let him catch them dirty or he'll do what he has to. He drives and spots 3 black guys hanging out and has them get on his car. Backup comes and they check them out. One guy tries to run and is tackled and cuffed. The other two are also cuffed. One holds the dope and the other holds the money. Back in school he says dealers have no longevity, they don't care. 16 year olds dealing shoot people just for looking at them. Be careful where you go or you could get jacked. At night he stops a white guy in a bad area and tells him he could get jumped by 8 or 9 guys. He points him out and says not to come back. In school he says they can see him now or later, but later they will be cuffed. At a basketball game Deputy Linda Canada watches Jerry play, says he's a good father to her kids and can't wait to marry him. They win 61 to 57. Later Linda tries on wedding dresses at the bridal shop. Prostitution Sting Briefing - organized crimes division. The Sgt. tells them to make sure the door is locked, latch it. One officer calls home, she forgot her gun and someone is coming to get it and she wants them to bring back her fur coat. The signal is when she takes an orange flower out of her hair. They do the stings to get rid of the street crime. Merchants don't want whores in front of their businesses. Linda tries to think about how the girls she busts walks, moves and talks and tries to imitate them. A car stops with 2 guys who want her to do them both at the same time. Linda says he couldn't handle it. The guy replies, "then he'll die trying". She then gets a car, sex for $20 and to meet at her hotel. The guy doesn't want to go to the hotel, he wants to do it right there. She goes around to the door and the cops bust him. Linda says it was fun. She has tight black pants and heels. Some of the guys pull up she wonders why they would do this. They are good looking and have jobs. Sometimes she won't even look at them and tries not to think about what happens to them - if it ruins their life or marriage. They are taken to jail. Some are given NTAs and some have to wait to bond out. At the next car Linda says one or both for $25. He pulls around to the hotel and asks a couple times where to park and reaches under the seat. She is nervous and has them bust him outside. They find a bag of coke and arrest him. It is a 2nd degree misdemeanor in FL for solicitation. They show the bust from the monitor and Linda laughs and leaves. Cops cut up plywood with a circular saw on a bench for a Trojan horse sting. They attach it across the back of a pickup truck and cover it with palm fronds and tie it down with line leaving the bottom open for them to hide inside. Sgt. Robert Deak says they used to cover foxholes with this stuff when he was a marine in Vietnam. Drug Force Task Briefing - next day. They spray 'Nick's Trash Pik-Up' on the side. They knock on the window to get their attention and a honk is the signal. One black guy sells them drugs and then runs. They catch him. 2nd bust catches two guys. 3rd bust requires them to jump out and pull their guns on a car who rams the police. They pull him out through the window. 4th bust is an older balding guy, they check his mouth and cuff him. If you are with someone buying crack you can get busted. They cut the passenger loose. Afterwards they go to a restaurant to eat. One guy is leaving the team after a year. He's enjoyed it a lot. They have a toast for his birthday and goof on Deak about wearing the pants in his family. He says he's the boss, then his wife comes up and surprises him.

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Cops Show Summary

Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace.

Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries providing an intimate look at police officers and the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day work.

Cops uses a modern adaptation of cin... ma v... rit?, a French documentary style of film making from the early 1920s, where life is shot as it happens, without script, narration or interference. Here, the police officer is narrator, guiding you through the shift and what happens within it, using his or her own words.

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