Las Vegas Heat #1 Part 1 Summary

Note: this episode looks nothing like any episode before. It has completely different fonts for the calls, doesn't list the times and they start small and expand outward. (Homicide Investigation) The daytime bartender from Odyssey Pizza calls in that the 70 year old graveyard bartender was found dead when she came to work and the place was robbed. Detective Shelia Huggins takes the case. Crime Scene Investigator Joseph Matvay says he found a herringbone footprint on the victims back and a matching footprint in the bathroom. (Street Patrol) Officer Paul Gasca loves Vegas because it is open 24 hours. His partner Officer Gerard Bello says they are going after a stolen vehicle and are going to get ahead of the pursuit. They find him coming down a curb and give pursuit westbound on Tropicana. then north on Cobolt. They jump out at the MGM and run into the parking garage. The passenger stays with the car, the driver runs through the garage and down the street before Paul catches him. He says not to disrespect him when they cuff him. Officer Larry Symonette kept up with him too. Paul asks him why he ran. He says he was minding his own business coming from a pizza place and they harassed him. He gives him a fake name, so they say they'll give him John Doe and he'll sit in jail for 2 months. His partner gave him up - he's wanted by LAPD for hugging, $1.5 million bail. Back at the hugging investigation Lt. Tom Monahan talks to the press about the hugging. Detective Larry Hanna briefs about the suspect, he has been seen before. Detective Todd Hendrix and Sgt. Mike Thomason are also there. The suspects left behind two beers they brought and a prescription bottle filled the day before. Todd calls the pharmacy so they can come and see the surveillance video. (Homicide Investigation) the pharmacy knows the guy, saw him on the video and have his name and an address. He's a skateboarder with bleach blonde hair. The bartender says a guy named Mario called and Randy AKA Crazy came along with him. They sat at the bar, he was wearing a red shirt and was dirty. Only 3 people were left at closing. (Street Patrol) Paul says people come there from everywhere, the cities' reputation is amazing. They take the call about a guy who crashed into a dry cleaners and left the car running. They find the car and pull them out at gunpoint. The driver says his friend picked him up and he sat in the car because it was cool. He wasn't driving and didn't steal it. Then he says he was driving it, was asked to picked up the car, but is not sure where he got the car. He was told it was stolen and was supposed to get $150 to drive it to Tuscany. He didn't know it was a big deal even though it was a Mercedes. The owner is called and comes to get the car. The thief asks the owner how he is doing. He is amazed he is asking him and says he'll cut his balls off and to get out of his face. The thief apologizes and wants him to know he wasn't the one who took it. Homicide Investigation (Interview - Person of Interest) They talk to the blonde guy. He says he was going to skate around town and guys hit him up for money. Then they attacked him when he didn't have any and was knocked out all night. His mom picked him up at 4am. Shelia says she doesn't believe his story. He yells for his mom to verify his story. He says he didn't hug anyone, is gay and picks up the phone to call his attorney because they are rude to him. She says if he calls he is a suspect. The witnesses saw tattoos. Mom says Joseph gave the other guy his credit card to a black guy to get food. The black guy bought food and came back. They want to find out where the credit was used. (Homicide Investigation Autopsy) Shelia says the body is a piece of evidence, it'll give a time and cause of death. Severe bruising on both hands shows he fought back, there was a major struggle and he took a massive beating. Todd finds out where they used the card and they go look at the video of it. Officer David Miller is going undercover on robbery decoy detail. Officer Misty Pence watches from above across the street. Officer Nathan Boss is in a car on the street. David is dressed up like a painter, in a messy outfit, with cigarettes, money and acting like he's a drunk Russian. A black guy comes up to him to hit him up for cigarettes, then pickpockets his money. Walking down the street he dumps the money when he spots the cops coming. Misty gives the play by play. Officer Scott Olson makes the arrest, says he has a big rap sheet of theft and battery. (Homicide Investigation) they go to a convenience store and watch a video of the black haired suspect coming in with a skateboard and using the credit card. (Street Patrol) Sgt. Tom "TJ" Jenkins is on foot patrol so he can get closer to the action. He spots a woman squatting, pissing against a crane. She is with a friend and they are both drunk. He says everything they did is on camera, but just gives them a warning. They say they'll go back to the hotel and won't be out again till tomorrow. (Crime Stoppers Hotline - Homicide Investigation) A man called Todd that he knows where Crazy is so he goes to meet him at a diner. The guy says he just met him last night. Crazy admitted he got some pool sticks because he killed a bartender a couple nights ago and stole them. His name is David and he'll give a statement. He says he met him through his friend Randy. They go to where he is and find a guy named Kevin sitting on the curb. They pick him up and he screams that his arms hurt and they are infected as he was just going to the hospital. He lives with Crazy Randy. He just shot up heroin a few minutes ago. Cops ask him where he got the pool cues. He said he found 4 sticks in the alley behind the apartment. He lives in room 20. They go to the room and get Randy, he says he has a big dog inside. They pull him out and his arms are all bloody. Kevin is from Virginia Beach and stole the pills. His shoes match the crime scene, but he is in such bad shape that they have to ambulance him out. (Street Patrol) Tom wants to get the message out to jaywalkers because 60-80 people die a year walking in the street. He spots a drunk guy in the median and goes to check him out before he goes into traffic. He has a beer in each hand. Tom tells him to drop them, but he keeps drinking them. He also has a pile of clothes, some are women's and they still have the hangers on them. He says they aren't stolen, he just has a fetish for women's clothes. He picked up Tom for jaywalking yesterday and arrested him last week too. He is sweating as they find a 16 oz bottle of Bud in his sock. He also has one stuffed in his crotch that's freezing him. (Homicide Investigation) Shelia found out the huggers are hustlers and took advantage of the older man at the bar. (Warrant Search) they go to the apartment and find a bloody tank top, the skateboard, pool cue & case and a red shirt in the trash - the one worn during the crime. (Suspect Booking) They take Kevin's mug shot with a computer. (Warrant Search) back at HQ they go through the belongings. Crime Scene Analyst Stephanie Smith finds the victims' wallet in Kevin's backpack with his SS card. (Epilogue) At Kevin's court hearing the judge reads the charges against him. He pleads not guilty, so does Randy. Prosecutors ask for the death penalty. Originally to air 11/19/04 and be called Las Vegas Metro '04

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Cops Show Summary

Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace.

Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries providing an intimate look at police officers and the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day work.

Cops uses a modern adaptation of cin... ma v... rit?, a French documentary style of film making from the early 1920s, where life is shot as it happens, without script, narration or interference. Here, the police officer is narrator, guiding you through the shift and what happens within it, using his or her own words.

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