Coast to Coast 80 Summary

(Fort Worth, TX - 4:10 PM Flagged Down) East Division - Officer Jeff Garwacki says the thing he likes the most is when he had a ride along and the guy said nothing but good things. This is a cow town with lots of cowboy hats. A man says someone just ran off with beer from a 7-11. They come up on a black man being chased by an old white guy running down the road under an overpass. The man from the store told him to stop, but he says he wouldn't. A woman saw him take two 18 packs and that's when the man ran out and flagged a cop down. They lost the thief, went back to the 7-11, then spotted thief again, went after him and took him down. He grabbed his arm and the black guy swung at him. The employee is out of breath and they give him a ride back to the store. Officer Marcus Rath was the first one on the scene. He was told the thief was a black guy in a white shirt. He found him hiding in an abandoned car and has him in cuffs. The thief says he came out of the store with the beer and he was going to pay for it. His money was in the car and he went out to get it and put the beer in the car and the driver took off. He's only known him for 2 months as JJ. It turns out the thief was the man who bailed out of Officer Barnett's car in handcuffs last week and they make sure that won't happen again. They thank the good Samaritan and says without him they wouldn't have caught him. Las Vegas, NV - Metropolitan PD - Southeast Area Command - Officer Gibron Smith is on the way to a domestic. He says Vegas is a very small town and it's likely you'll see people more than once. If you treat them right they'll remember it. Two cops are already on the scene at house 3161 talking to a fat white guy who says he was trying to get his tools. He goes to the house every day, doesn't sleep there, slept at a hotel the night before since he's going through a divorce, he was fixing the thermostats, she ripped him out of the wall and they fought. Officer Tim Riley says she thought he was gone for good and she wanted some cigarettes and was going to sell his tools to pay for them. They have the woman move across the property and let him go in and get his stuff. She doesn't want him to take her things. Gibron says they aren't there to decide whose property is whose. The man comes out with the TV and she yells at him that it's hers. They tell him to put the TV back and take only what he needs for himself and work. He keeps pulling out his tools and they find a drawing of Art on the wall she made. She throws knives at it and wrote "jailbird" over it. The cops say that's not normal. The front window is broken from him trying to get in earlier. She says it's better to have the picture and throw darts at it instead of throwing darts at him. She's not worried about the kids seeing it as long as she doesn't hurt Art. Pierce County, WA (7:10 Stolen Property Call) Sheriff's Dept Mountain Detachment - Deputy Walter Kent Mundell says they have 700 miles of land to cover all the way to Mount Rainier. They have a huge meth problem there, but it's the greatest place to work because it's so beautiful. They find a trailer loaded with stolen property and go to check it out. They find a bunch of messed up tents, garbage, a barking dog and a propane torch going in the tent. Jim and Tom are staying there after they got kicked out of the trailer. A guy who lives there is moving out and lets them stay in his yard. The guys take off and they find a meth lab on the ground with chemicals and bottles everywhere. They bring in a K-9 to track them down and soon after find one guy hiding in the bushes. He says he has no idea why they are looking for him, the meth lab isn't his and he's never seen it before. K-9 Deputy Jerry Thibodeaux hunts for the next guy and says this area is ideal to find people because there are no other human scents out there. Deputy Jennifer Eldridge interviews the man in the car. He says he used old coffee filters to get a high from meth and has to use a whole pack to do it. Jen says if the meth went away the county would lose 70% of their crime.

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Cops Show Summary

Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace.

Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries providing an intimate look at police officers and the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day work.

Cops uses a modern adaptation of cin... ma v... rit?, a French documentary style of film making from the early 1920s, where life is shot as it happens, without script, narration or interference. Here, the police officer is narrator, guiding you through the shift and what happens within it, using his or her own words.

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