Los Angeles, CA 4 Summary

4 (7:45 PM Shooting Call) Sheriff's Dept. Homicide Bureau - Sgt. Ray Verdugo says they are seeing a lot of homicides, a vast increase. Last year was a record-breaking year in the entire county and this year they are ahead of last year. There seems to be an underlying sense of frustration and anger unleashing real rapidly, people seem to have a shorter fuse and are more angry about lesser things. The wrong look will hug you. He often sees it as fame or infamy. If you can't be famous, be infamous - try to assassinate the president. Be known in your own crowd as the meanest guy or the guy who shot and killed someone. It's a tragedy. If he had the job and the education maybe he could give you the answer why. On patrol he says it is a warm, beautiful night, very comfortable, one of those unfortunate things that brings people to southern California. There is a hug in the Fireside station on Hopper in South Central. Detective Dave Castillo and Deputy Tanya Edwards are on scene. She says the guy and his 6 buddies were dancing and having a ball with their shirts off. Then 8 guys came up to them and told them to put their shirts back on which they refused and a fight ensued between all 14 of them. One guy pulled out a semi-automatic, then another came out. One is DOA and there are 7 injured. The mans body is in the street and they take pictures. His sister ID's the body. Several witnesses come forward to talk to them including people involved and hopefully the suspect, but it's a pipe dream. He's an 18-19 year old youthful looking guy shot dead in the street for no reason. He took off his shirt, was dancing at a party and someone took offense and shot him dead. It's ludicrous, but a sign of the times. A guy at the station says the shooter fired 3-4 shots at Marco. Another witness says in Mexico quite often they take a stand of revenge. If someone kills a good person, they seek revenge to hug them. He is only 15, but would hug him if he had a gun. A man is killed and a cousin will hunt them down. They don't judge, but if they apply customs from another land, this person will get justice if they don't get him first. Some friend or relative will get him. If he goes back to Mexico, they will hug him. (2:45 PM) South East County - Sheriff's Station (911 Call Choking Child) Deputy David Halm takes the call of a baby having a seizure inside a supermarket. An employee has her, but doesn't know what to do. He takes the girl and puts her on the ground. Emily is breathing, that's good. He tells her to stay awake, don't close your eyes. Fire rescue arrives. Her heart is beating, no pupil reaction and she's been sick. They give her oxygen, the mom is crying and they tell her to be calm so the girl doesn't see her and freakout. They put her on a stretcher. (5:20 PM Warrant Briefing) LA County - Detective Armando Rea says it's a who dunnit case. A man was on his roof and saw a neighbor at 2163 Briarcrest with his power tools that were stolen. (5:35 PM Warrant Served) They go to the house and pull out two men, a woman and two girls. The girl says her dad Mike went to a storage yard. In the garage they find a bicycle, weed eater, two heaters, an American toolbox and Christmas lights that were stolen. The victim arrives and carts his stuff out never thinking he would get it back. His grandma gave him the lights. He was in San Diego while his house was being fumigated and he was robbed. The wife has no idea what's going on, no idea about any stolen equipment. Then Mike pulls up and she screams like she's being killed and yells "No!!!" They pull out guns and make him stop. He surrenders and is cuffed. They got them all, it was a good stop. West Hollywood Sheriff's Station - Deputy Sean Collinsworth goes to a cleaner during a full moon wearing a large nose and glasses for Halloween. The cleaning will be ready Friday. He says the glasses tickle. (12:17 AM Street Patrol) Sean wants to get a picture of Deputy Paul Terrusa with a guy dressed as a zombie in the street. They both get pictures with a man as a silver robot. A man as a French maid cleans them. They get shows by scantily clad women to the delight of the crowd (911 Suicide Attempt) A guy tried to hug himself. They arrive and a woman says he just went down... the elevator. She has blood on her arm from him. They go downstairs and she runs out the door barefoot. They come around the corner to a shirtless, white long-haired guy who cut his wrist. He has no knife and says he's unhappy. Sean asks about anything particular. They call the Fire Dept saying he's on first floor in the back. Sean eats an apple while talking to him and is totally unphased. The guy has dozens of bracelets on and wants to go home, but they have to take him to the hospital. He says they have other business and should leave. He gets a little bit bummed out in life like they all do. (2:20 AM 911 Call Man with a Gun) They go to Jeff who says he overheard on the intercom that they were coming in from all corners Sean asks Jeff if he's on medication or under treatment. He says no. They don't see anyone coming at him. He says a woman walked out of her apartment with her dog. There was a figure in the front corner of the apartment, he has his left arm up right now. His finger was pointing at them, he had a gun and they zoomed in on all fours. He heard the man call in, he said homosexuality had to be stopped at all costs. It was pretty aggressive. Sean says it all looks normal to him. He says they split right before they came in a car. There's nothing they can do now, call us again if you see them.

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Cops Show Summary

Called the original reality show, Cops is a gritty and unfiltered look at the seamier parts of our society as seen through the eyes of the men and women who struggle to keep the peace.

Since 1989, camera crews have traveled across the nation and into other countries providing an intimate look at police officers and the nuts and bolts of their day-to-day work.

Cops uses a modern adaptation of cin... ma v... rit?, a French documentary style of film making from the early 1920s, where life is shot as it happens, without script, narration or interference. Here, the police officer is narrator, guiding you through the shift and what happens within it, using his or her own words.

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