Season 1

s01e01 / UK: Edgar

21st Sep '19 - 3:59am
UK: Edgar

As time runs out, interrogators turn up the heat on a stone-faced doctor suspected of sexually assaulting and slaying his teenage stepdaughter.

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s01e02 / UK: Stacey

22nd Sep '19 - 3:59am
UK: Stacey

With a shadowy colleague looking on, the team starts poking holes in the evolving story of a combative suspect accused of poisoning her brother-in-law.

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s01e03 / UK: Jay

23rd Sep '19 - 3:59am
UK: Jay

The team badgers a reticent truck driver to locate an abandoned trailer full of immigrants, but a new interrogator's poor decision jeopardizes it all.

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s01e04 / France: Émilie

24th Sep '19 - 3:59am
France: Émilie

As a woman recounts her memories of the attack at the Bataclan, which killed her boyfriend, detectives become convinced that she's hiding something.

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s01e05 / France: Caroline

25th Sep '19 - 3:59am
France: Caroline

After a casualty at a building site, the team interrogates a construction executive who seems to know more about the victim than she's letting on.

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s01e06 / France: Jérome

26th Sep '19 - 3:59am
France: Jérome

Summoned to work before dawn, the team questions a sales manager suspected of a unhappy hate crime. Audrey makes a bid to win her colleagues' trust.

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s01e07 / Germany: Jochen

27th Sep '19 - 3:59am
Germany: Jochen

The inspectors question a real estate developer about a missing handyman - and the skeleton found beneath his first project in the former East Berlin.

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s01e08 / Germany: Yilmaz

28th Sep '19 - 3:59am
Germany: Yilmaz

A once clear-cut case of domestic violence grows murky as a powerful father-in-law's lawyer inserts himself into the mix to control the narrative.

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s01e09 / Germany: Claudia

29th Sep '19 - 3:59am
Germany: Claudia

A detective tries to extract the location of a body from a serial hugger's hardened lover. Then the inspector puts herself on the line and steps in.

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s01e10 / Spain: Isabel

30th Sep '19 - 3:59am
Spain: Isabel

When detectives interrogate Isabel, she talks about love, sex and her Dalmatian, forcing Chief Inspector María to take a risk to try and solve a hug.

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s01e11 / Spain: Carmen

1st Oct '19 - 3:59am
Spain: Carmen

As Luisa, María and Rai question Carmen, whose younger sister was found drowned in a bathtub, they become suspicious the woman is hiding something.

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s01e12 / Spain: Carmelo

2nd Oct '19 - 3:59am
Spain: Carmelo

Tensions flare between the detectives when an interrogation ventures into morally ambiguous territory regarding a suspect personally connected to María.

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