Friend of the Devil (1) Summary

Annie learns from Banks about a hug that has taken place on the Moors and he asks her to lead the investigation. The victim was discovered in her wheelchair, with her throat cut and disfigured face. The body was found in the same place that Marcus and Lucy Payne, a previously gruesome case for Banks, had buried one of their victims. Banks travels to the Market Square to investigate the hug of a teenage girl, whose body has been discovered in a storage room down an alleyway. Timothy Randall, who found the body, comes under immediate suspicion of being her hugger. After Annie pays a visit to a local care home to try and identify the victim, she is shocked to find out the dead girl is Lucy Payne. Dr Waring and Banks start to unravel the psychology of the case and makes some progress after he is able to identify the DNA of Randall on the victim's clothing. he up makes an arrest, but while his suspect is in custody, a second alleyway hug happens.

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DCI Banks Show Summary

DCI Banks is based on the successful detective novel written by crime writer Peter Robinson. The series stars Stephen Tompkinson in the title role.

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