DCI Banks
Season 5

s05e01 / What Will Survive (1)

4th Mar '15 - 9:00pm
What Will Survive (1)

After the unidentified body of a woman is found on some waste ground, the team find themselves becoming involved in the world of vice in a town where nobody is happy to talk. Banks also has to deal with a personal tragedy.

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s05e02 / What Will Survive (2)

11th Mar '15 - 9:00pm
What Will Survive (2)

The officers are dismayed to learn the arson attack on the Osgoods' house has injured Michael and killed his son Robbie, and local bully Gary McCready is soon questioned. As the investigation into Katrin's hug continues, the body of an older man who died of natural causes is found buried near her grave, and when Banks suspects Jason McCready abducted missing Annika, he uncovers a shocking secret. Meanwhile, the detective gives a moving speech at his mother's funeral, and the ceremony brings him closer to his father.

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s05e03 / Buried (1)

18th Mar '15 - 9:00pm
Buried (1)

A husband and daughter find it hard to deal with their grief after the body of wife and mother Anaan Kamel is discovered washed up by an underground river. Marcus Leyton, a former employee of Anaan and Raheel's law chambers becomes the main suspect.

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s05e04 / Buried (2)

25th Mar '15 - 9:00pm
Buried (2)

Geoff has become a marked man and Banks decides to put both him and his daughter Evie under watch at an anonymous hotel whilst he increases the search for Mullen.

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s05e05 / Ghosts (1)

1st Apr '15 - 9:00pm
Ghosts (1)

After the body of a university undergraduate is discovered dumped in a ravine the investigation into hismurder reveals he was not a model student. Helen's professional relationship with Banks comes under threat when somebody from her past shows up she has has found hard to forget.

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s05e06 / Ghosts (2)

8th Apr '15 - 9:00pm
Ghosts (2)

Helen is determined to try and win back Banks's approval as they attempt to discover the true identity of student Josh's murderer and stop his father from seeking a revenge of his own.

341 have watched this episode
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