The Furious and the Fast Summary

After John Ross and Sue Ellen successfully get control of Ewing Energies, Bobby enlists the help of his brother Gary, leaving the family in a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, Pamela finds herself caught between John Ross and Christopher, resulting in a winner-take-all car race.

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 2 Episode 7 of Dallas resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Dallas Show Summary

The one and only Dallas is back with more delicious drama. JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing return to the ranch with secrets, schemes and betrayals. This time, they're joined by the next generation of Ewings, who take ambition and deception to a wicked new level. The battle for power, love and Southfork erupts in the new Dallas.

The explosive rivalry between brothers J.R. and Bobby now lives on through another generation, with the future of the family fortune in the hands of the Ewing offspring: cousins John Ross Ewing, the son of J.R. and ex-wife Sue Ellen, and Christopher Ewing, the adopted son of Bobby.

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