David Makes Man
Season 1

s01e01 / David's Sky

15th Aug '19 - 2:00am
David's Sky

David has a physical altercation at school with his best friend Seren. At home, David is a lookout for The Ville at the request of Raynan. Plus, the truth about Sky is revealed.

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s01e02 / Dai Out

22nd Aug '19 - 2:00am
Dai Out

David and his little brother, JG, visit JG's grandfather in Overtown, and they are joined by Raynan; later, Raynan and David visit Raynan's uncle, who wants David to participate in a drug operation.

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s01e03 / MJB

29th Aug '19 - 2:00am

David describes his day to the school's county-approved clinical psychiatrist, including his class presentation, which helps repair his relationship with Seren, and his mother's journey.

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s01e04 / Gloria

5th Sep '19 - 2:00am

Gloria's difficult day turns catastrophic when she is fired by her boss, leaving her home life in jeopardy; Raynan reminds David that he can't run away from his responsibilities.

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s01e05 / Love or Poetize These Hoes

12th Sep '19 - 2:00am
Love or Poetize These Hoes

Home after losing her job, Gloria takes an active role in her sons' personal lives; David attends the school dance with his crush, Tare; Sky gives advice to David about how to talk to girls and reveals more about his relationship with Raynan.

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s01e06 / When it All Falls

19th Sep '19 - 2:00am
When it All Falls

Already in dire straits, Gloria's financial situation gets worse, and David devises a plan.

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s01e07 / Son of Man

26th Sep '19 - 2:00am
Son of Man

Raynan and David discuss their new plan; Seren attends Halloween at The Ville, where unlikely romantic connections are revealed.

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s01e08 / Bubble House

3rd Oct '19 - 2:00am
Bubble House

Seren goes missing; Raynan and Desmond get arrested; The Ville prepares for a hurricane; more is revealed about Sky's death; a young life ends in tragedy.

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s01e09 / Some I Love Who Are Dead

10th Oct '19 - 2:00am
Some I Love Who Are Dead

More about Raynan's home life is revealed; Gloria exposes a disturbing secret about her childhood; Seren takes off.

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s01e10 / 3 Sons' Sky

17th Oct '19 - 2:00am
3 Sons' Sky

After a visit from Shinobi, a fight with Raynan and a tender moment with David, more is revealed about how Sky died; David appeals to Mx. Elijah for help in exiting the drug operation; Tio Teo demands the truth about Desmond and David from Raynan.

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