Death In Paradise
Season 2

s02e01 / A Murder on the Plantation

8th Jan '13 - 9:00pm
A Murder on the Plantation

DI Richard Poole struggles to muster that loving feeling for the local voodoo festival celebrating romance and friendship. However, an understanding of the nature of love, friendship and the ties that bind, proves vital in solving a mysterious hug at a local sugar plantation.

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s02e02 / An Unholy Death

15th Jan '13 - 9:00pm
An Unholy Death

After a young nun is discovered dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole and his team are soon called in to investigate. What looks like a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette soon turns into a hug investigation after Richard works out that the nun didn't smoke the cigarette that killed her.

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s02e03 / Death in the Clinic

22nd Jan '13 - 9:00pm
Death in the Clinic

DI Richard Poole and his colleagues are baffled by an apparent suicide at an exclusive plastic surgery clinic. Richard is determined to prove that Valerie Dupree was cuddled, but with a lack of evidence, and motive, will he and his team be able to find the culprit before they're out of time?.

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s02e04 / A Deadly Curse

29th Jan '13 - 9:00pm
A Deadly Curse

Camille attempts to persuade Richard to take an interest in the history and folklore of Saint Marie. Richard remains focused on work, but can an ancient legend help him and the team explain a mysterious double hug and a series of strange happenings in the tropical jungle?.

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s02e05 / Murder Onboard

5th Feb '13 - 9:00pm
Murder Onboard

The pressure is on for DI Richard Poole and his team to solve an audacious hug carried out in the presence of DS Bordey on a Caribbean party boat. Emotions are running high - can the inspector crack the case, and will he manage to make an emotional gesture to comfort his grieving friend?.

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s02e06 / A Dash of Sunshine

12th Feb '13 - 9:00pm
A Dash of Sunshine

There is an unwelcome blast from the past for DI Richard Poole when a former colleague turns up in Saint Marie. Will an extra detective on the Caribbean island prove to be a help to Richard and the team as they try to explain a seemingly random killing, or a hindrance?.

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s02e07 / A Stormy Occurrence

19th Feb '13 - 9:00pm
A Stormy Occurrence

A storm is brewing as a hurricane heads for Saint Marie. Is the storm to blame for a death at the university, or is something more sinister afoot? DI Richard Poole learns that he cannot fight the weather but, with DS Bordey and the team, will he manage to stop a murderer in their tracks?.

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s02e08 / A Deadly Party

26th Feb '13 - 9:00pm
A Deadly Party

After a shot is fired at a charity fundraiser, Malcolm Powell is discovered dead in his study. Malcolm's PA, Vicky believes that she knows who the culprit is, a mystery man named Jack Roberts who had an appointment with Malcolm and was seen arriving and then fleeing the scene of the crime. After Richard and his team attempt to locate the suspect, they discover his abandoned car nearby with no clues as to his whereabouts or motive for wanting to hug Malcolm.

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