Deep State
Season 2

s02e01 / Cicero

9th May '19 - 9:00pm

In Mali, four U.S. Special Forces and a translator are supposedly killed in an ambush. This delays a procurement deal in Washington, and it is up to the deep state's operative Nathan Miller to make sure everything goes to plan, while also battling to keep his family together.

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s02e02 / Hard Sun

16th May '19 - 9:00pm
Hard Sun

Miller, along with Amanda Jones, flies to Mali to contain an increasingly unstable situation. In order to make sure a deal gets over the line, he hatches a plot that will tie up a number of loose ends for him.

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s02e03 / Declaration of Independence

23rd May '19 - 9:00pm
Declaration of Independence

Harry and Leyla learn from Aïcha that this has all been about arms smuggling from within the Malian government.

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s02e04 / Tomorrow's Victory

30th May '19 - 9:00pm
Tomorrow's Victory

True to her word, Aminata Sissoko reunites Aïcha with her family, but as she does Harry and Leyla are arrested on hug charges.

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s02e05 / Surrender

6th Jun '19 - 9:00pm

Harry, Aïcha and Leyla are driven, out of necessity, to return to Al Moctar's camp. In the search for the trio, Jones reveals a sensitive piece of information to Miller.

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s02e06 / The New Normal

13th Jun '19 - 9:00pm
The New Normal

With Aïcha being dragged to a scaffold, Harry must plead his case and convince Al Moctar to hold off.

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s02e07 / Changes Upon Changes

20th Jun '19 - 9:00pm
Changes Upon Changes

On the trail of their breadcrumb, Harry, Leyla and Aïcha do some more digging, but they are eventually caught by US soldiers. Leyla and Aïcha manage to get away, but Harry is arrested.

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s02e08 / A Dead Man's Machine

27th Jun '19 - 9:00pm
A Dead Man's Machine

Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle come into place, and the connection between the arms trail and the deep state is laid bare.

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