Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

8th Feb '17 - 3:30am

Best friends Sam and Tim work on an advertising pitch for Chrysler, but they run into problems with the company's vice president of marketing.

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s01e02 / Hog Riders

15th Feb '17 - 3:30am
Hog Riders

After a client inspires Tim and Sam to work less and live more, the guys buy a motorcycle instead of the production van they need then outsource their work to the building's overzealous (and underqualified) security guard, Ned.

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s01e03 / Sam the Man

22nd Feb '17 - 3:30am
Sam the Man

Sam starts dating a local councilwoman who thinks he's a prostitute; Sam's new lifestyle inspires Tim and his wife to try role-playing.

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s01e04 / Devereux Wigs

1st Mar '17 - 3:30am
Devereux Wigs

Tim and Sam try to convince an old Motown legend to sing a jingle for a local wig company ad that they're producing; Tim has to come to terms with his own singing skills.

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s01e05 / Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet

8th Mar '17 - 3:30am
Happy Birthday Mr. Duvet

Sam struggles to come up with a worthy speech to make at his father's 60th birthday party; Tim is elated that an off-duty clown is in attendance and presses him to perform.

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s01e06 / 3rd Floor

15th Mar '17 - 2:30am
3rd Floor

A new tech company moves into Tim and Sam's building, disrupting their daily flow; Sam lies to Tim about his plans after developing a crush on one of the women from the new company.

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s01e07 / Smilin' Jack

22nd Mar '17 - 2:30am
Smilin' Jack

After getting fired by a furniture store client, Tim and Sam try to make an ad for the store's main competitor, who struggles on camera.

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s01e08 / Dream Cruise

29th Mar '17 - 2:30am
Dream Cruise

When their employees threaten to quit due to a lack of health insurance, Tim and Sam try to collect the money that they're owed from previous jobs.

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s01e09 / Husky Boys

5th Apr '17 - 2:30am
Husky Boys

Tim's father unexpectedly returns from the insane asylum under suspicious circumstances; Tim and Sam struggle to create a great tagline for a department store ad that caters to husky boys.

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s01e10 / Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn

12th Apr '17 - 2:30am
Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn

Tim and Sam discover that the Chrysler executive they ran over has led a terrible life ever since; after appearing in one of the guys' ads, Pistons legend Rick Mahorn gets serious about acting.

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